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NameDrive Ahead! Sports
Package Namecom.dodreams.driveaheadsports
PublisherDodreams Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Drive Ahead! Sports is a sports racing game from the publisher Dodreams Ltd. In the game, you are not racing, but crashing into the competitor’s car. Whoever is rolling around is the one who loses.

Drive Ahead! Sports: Do you want to play a car crash game like a kid?

It all started with the weird quote

I have a special passion for sports games. Probably because in real life I never really played a sport for a long time, all my enthusiasm is devoted to the game. One day when I wanted to play a racing game, I went around Google Play to see if there were any great suggestions. Then Drive Ahead! Sports came.

The poster is not very impressive, even in the mediocre class compared to modern 3D racing games. But the very short introduction sounds very weird – “Fashionista-on-wheel, anyone?”. Sounds like challenging greetings. You see, between the posters and these tags, it’s a whole lot of conflict. So, I downloaded it right away to see what was in it.

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Drive Ahead! Sports must be called a car crash game, the classic game of all our childhoods. How can I forget the feeling of sitting on a small 4-wheeled vehicle, holding the steering wheel to chase other children to crash butt, head, body … of their cars? That feeling belongs to the joy of childhood. So, I started playing it without hesitation and even forgot all the dinner waiting.

The bloodiest car crash game ever

There are no fancy 3D cars rushing on beautiful roads, nor are there cool drivers wearing black glasses and trendy helmets. Instead of racing like that, in Drive Ahead! Sports, you will drive your car to crash into other players, to get more points. The more time you crash into them, the more points you will get, and you will be the winner.

You will have two virtual buttons on the left and right of the bottom of the screen. Just press this button to control the vehicle forward and backward, depending on the situation. In addition, absolutely no need to add any other operation or buttons.

In Drive Ahead! Sports, there are two game modes: Single to play with the game’s AI, and Multiplayer to fight your friends or other online ones. Everything happens in the same way, except the names of rounds or tournaments and the scene will appear differently.

It seems that everything is very simple, right?

But no, the terrain and the difficulty will make you change your mind

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a choice of vehicle. There are different types of vehicles ranging from four-wheeled to two-wheeled or even a dragon-like car, but there aren’t too many models. Actually, the feeling when playing is the germ of all the excitement and addiction of this game, not the appearance of the car.

Next, your task is to score 5 points before the opponent. You can use all ways: touch, crash, swing into the opponent’s vehicle, or even jump on top of him. And remember that you absolutely can choose your opponent for a balanced fight. Also do not choose the Sudden Death mode when you are not really ready or have the skills to be a perfect driver in the game because, in this mode, the game will add a series of pretty heavy challenges such as surrounding obstacles, which can prevent you from crashing enemy vehicles and make you easily get mad. What that obstacle is? Well, it will be a few campfires or some big saw blades hanging on the road. If you touch them, the game’s over.

Drive Ahead Sports MOD APK download 1440x810

Moreover, the terrain of each screen is very different, and certainly not a flat square playground for you to play. No, it’s not so easy.

The playing screens in Drive Ahead! Sports can be any shape: circle, oval ball, cube, polygon, in water, in the air, across the bridge, on clouds … all the weirdest shapes you have never thought about. Each crash into the competitor’s car will create a different level of points and damage. 

And because of these bizarre terrains, you must be very careful with the ups and downs. Because just a small mistake is to be able to plunge without brakes and explode on the floor. 

Rewards, goals, and upgrades in Drive Ahead! Sports

As I said earlier, you will need to score 5 goals (5 stars), which means that just winning 3 goals in a row is a win. The reward after each round will be gold coins. This money is used to unlock new models which are faster, more powerful, and more resilient. Money also improves the following item: Speed, Mass, and Handling, with a maximum level of 75.

The more money you have, the more advantages you will have, especially in terrain battles with many obstacles.

Graphics and sound

Drive Ahead! Sports uses pixel graphics which could not be more classic. What you need to focus on is the track and the interactive effects, collisions, or explosions in the game. In this regard, this game does very well. The set of effects are eye-pleasing, pleasurable, and especially, extremely stimulating.

Drive Ahead Sports MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The sound in Drive Ahead! Sports is a formidable sound that keeps your victory blood burning even when you have played a few times. The background music is vibrant, the cheers crunches, the sound of cars colliding with each other is extremely hot.

Before that, you can try Drive Ahead!.

MOD APK version of Drive Ahead! Sports

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Drive Ahead! Sports MOD APK for Android

In short, if you want a car crash game, you must find Drive Ahead! Sports right away.

Download the game to play here.

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