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NameDrift Bike Racing
Package Namecom.archfiendstudio.drift.driftbikeracing
PublisherArchfiend Studios
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Drift Bike Racing APK is a racing game of the publisher Archfiend Studios. In the game, you will witness gorgeous super-speed motorcycles and perform hundreds of extraordinary drifts yourself. What are you waiting for? Let’s come to the race.

Introduce about Drift Bike Racing

Can some extraordinary drift phases express your driving skill?

Driving is not difficult, but you must have skills

Driving a super-speed motorbike is not an easy thing to do. But if you have enough passion and money, you can start and get used to it without too much difficulty. Things are even easier when riding a motorcycle in the game. But the difference between driving in the game and life is whether you drive beautifully, skillfully, or not. Are you capable of creating melancholy drifts and mastering every race? And if you think you have the qualities and are looking to try this new field once, let’s try Drift Bike Racing.

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Dozens of branded cars are waiting for you

Drift Bike Racing has dozens of different types of super motorcycles with high performance from 600cc to 1200cc. Each has its specific specifications for Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Tire Health. Let me list a few names that make people in the profession scream for joy. You will be able to drive a Moto Dievil 1200, or ZR6X, Z900 RTS… Each is like a wild beast, allowing you to glide like the wind on the track.

The map of Drift Bike Racing is quite beautiful. Before each round, you will be shown a 3D map that stretches across the background, with specific milestones marked. Each milestone is called a Series. This map also includes game modes like Multiplayer, Crash War Legends, and Tutorial. 

For new players, I think you should go to the Tutorial first. It is to ensure that you are familiar with the basic operations and master the control key switches, so entering the battle you will be less passive. 


The gameplay is also quite simple. On the control screen, the left simulator button under the screen is to turn left and right, the right button includes Brake and Gas. The middle part shows the m/h speed and Boost columns. When the boost is full, you can perform a perfectly sophisticated Drift. And every time the Drift is good, the score will be very high. 

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Also, on the track, you can upgrade many other types of equipment for yourself including Gears, Helmet (for people), and Tune (for vehicles). With this trio, you will have dozens of accessories to equip the character and hundreds of parts to customize the vehicle. But you know what is the peak? Each of these parts is an exact simulation of the real thing. You are free to look, analyze, and learn about each item before applying it to your already good moto in the game. For motorcyclists, the customizing process invested so meticulously like this is like a sweet and attractive world. I am sure that if you like it, you can spend much more time in this area than in the race.

The game has many options

The options are also quite rich. Getting started, you can customize the main menu items Camera, Controls, Graphics, Audio, Profile. Choosing these options will help you get the best visuals and viewing angle based on your mobile capacity.

Unlimited motorbike driving

Driving a motorcycle in Drift Bike Racing, you do not encounter any limit in speed, engine, and vehicle weight. Yes, the initial technical indicators do affect your ability to win and accumulate points, but what I mean here is that the machines of dozens of these super-fast motorcycles are flawless. They have no damage and no other factors that can affect their performance unless the limit is very clearly stated in the original description of the vehicle.

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Graphics and sound

Drift Bike Racing’s 3D graphics are extremely worth the price. This third-person motorcycle driving game will give you scenery that is not too large but very realistic. The controlling movement of the driver is smooth and natural. Light effects, sparks, acceleration, and drag in drift phases are also extremely attractive. Accompanied by a lively sound corresponding to each movement and change in vehicle control. In general, about the physics simulation of Drift Bike Racing, I am completely satisfied.

Download Drift Bike Racing APK for Android

It is such a beautiful motorcycle racing game with smooth and natural action. Especially, it is where you can perform a series of admirable drifts. This is your chance to enjoy your driving skills on the world’s top superbikes. You must try it once, my friends!

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