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NameDragon Raja
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Dragon Raja APK is the ultimate role-playing game for Android developed by Zulong Entertain. Since its launch, the game has received a lot of attention from the world gamer community. Download the game for the best experience.

Introduce about Dragon Raja

Inspired by the novel of the same name by writer Lee Yeongdu published more than 20 years ago, Dragon Raja quickly won the hearts of the gaming community in general or South Korea in particular. In fact, when in development, this game was called Project SU, but later was renamed. Launched internally in China in July 2019, the game has now “attacked” the world market with its English language and brought certain successes.

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Basically, this is an MMORPG with the strongest point in the graphics, not to mention, the graphics of Dragon Raja have the most powerful graphics in the mobile games I’ve ever played. Hopefully, Zulong’s child promises not to disappoint everyone.


Dragon Raja revolves around the story of humans and fierce dragons. As the main character, you must fight to save humanity from the yoke of the evil black dragon Amurtaht during the past 20 years. And to oppose an entire empire, you need the help of other characters in this game. Discover your power and defeat the dragon.


Dragon Raja brings the gameplay of a classic MMORPG. Players perform missions of the story, from which to gain experience, money to increase strength.

Characters are controlled by a virtual button on the left of the screen, besides the basic features such as inventory, tasks, chat bubble,… also appear on the screen. The point I appreciate in this game is the variety of gameplay. Players will be able to choose 1 of 4 characters carrying 4 different weapons when fighting. These weapons include swords, guns, technology knives and silk. Each weapon offers 5 different skills and themselves brings great interactions when combined.

Full elements of an RPG

Indeed, you can’t play Dragon Raja with only auto-attack mode to gain exp points and money. In addition to having a deep, complex storyline, the game supports you auto farm monsters but does not support moving or dodging attacks, meaning that you can be completely killed at any time. This will require a higher level of concentration of the player and help the game not to lose balance because players hanging their phones every day.

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Dragon Raja has many different features true to the nature of an online role-playing game. After experiencing some initial acquaintance challenges, players will officially step into the main tasks of the game to explore the world in the game and upgrade the character. Here, you will meet many other players in the same game space, from which appear more interesting interactive features such as the PvP arena, dungeons, marriage, Raid …

Besides, the manufacturer also knows how to please players by opening events. Players will have the opportunity to receive good items, equipment if investing time and effort for such events.


This is exactly the part I want to talk about the most in this article. The characters are beautiful and detail design, that gives plus points to Dragon Raja. Characters in the game are designed in a cute and eye-catching Anime style. In addition to choosing the system for your character when new, players also build their appearance. Every little detail of Zulong Entertain’s face, body, and clothes are also carefully noticed, making players feel they have a quality investment in their products. I don’t know if I’m playing MMORPG or The Sims either (laughs).

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Besides, the game is impressed by the tremendous investment of 3D graphics, not easy to see in conventional mobile games. The game environment is meticulously designed, honest and has depth. Perhaps for some people, Dragon Raja is not yet comparable with PUBG Mobile or other popular representatives in the graphics field but if it comes to effects, Dragon Raja is truly praiseworthy. The skill of the character set up magnificently can combine flexibly to create the eye-catching animation.


A game with huge graphics and a large space inside will consume a lot of battery of your phone. Although the capacity to download the game is not too large (about 66MB), it will burn a huge amount of battery if you have a high configuration. I use the iPhone XS but also cannot avoid getting hot after more than 20 minutes of the highest configuration experience. Advice for you to only use low or very low graphics if the machine is weak to avoid lag during gaming. That’s enough to experience Dragon Raja.

Download Dragon Raja APK for Android

If you are a fan of the RPG genre then you should not miss Dragon Raja. A realistic game in terms of image and definitely bring the best action phase. For now, burn your heart with Dragon Raja right now by downloading the game via the links below!

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