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Continuing to solve interesting puzzles in part 2 of the DOP puzzle game series, a game called DOP 2: Delete One Part. You can download the game’s APK file via the link below the article.

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Introduce about DOP 2: Delete One Part

Are you still enjoying the first part of this game, DOP: Draw One Part? Coming to this sequel, the developers will not disappoint you when still retaining the values of the first part, but there are differences that make the game newer. Let’s find out what those things are!

Following the success of the first game, publisher SayGames has continued to release the second part of this DOP series. Since its launch in 2020, DOP 2: Delete One Part has continuously conquered the rankings: # 22 for Top puzzle games and # 125 on Top free games on AppStore. On Google Play, this game has also reached the top of popular free-to-play games with over 10 million downloads.

Launched after the explosion of part one as well as other titles of the same genre such as Brain Out or Find Out, DOP 2: Delete One Part still gives me the qualities of the brain hacking puzzle game when using the minimalism with minimal graphics but still guaranteed to be attractive and beautiful.

How to play DOP 2: Delete One Part?

Different from part one when you have to show your drawing ability to complete the missing picture, instead, in this part 2, as its name suggests: delete one part – what you need to do now is delete one part of the picture to solve the puzzle.

Just swipe your finger to delete, sounds simple, right? However, it is important that you know how to delete the right place or all the pictures will be back to their original state and you will need to find another way to get through.

Fascinated with every turn of play

DOP 2: Delete One Part will make you use your whole mind, your logical thinking ability to think of a way to solve each puzlle that the game asks. You will have to think about what to delete when there are so many things you can delete, there are even sentences where you have to delete even things you never expected.

Huge puzzles store that challenge your thinking

Currently, the game has hundreds of levels with different puzzles. The publisher SayGames also always adds countless puzzles after each update, so you can fully enjoy the game.

With the early levels, you will easily pass because the puzzles are quite simple. But as the puzzles become more difficult, you will need to think a little bit to analyze them, find out the tips hidden in the puzzles as well as the details inside the pictures.

First 50 levels you will quickly pass without any obstacles. From this level on, slightly “brainstorming” puzzles will appear and interspersed with simple puzzles. If you’re stuck at one level, you can get help by tapping the light bulb icon in the middle of the screen. You will watch a 20-second advertisement to be able to receive suggestions.

However, you should only see the hint for puzzles that are too difficult to solve. Do not be too important to get through the fastest levels but keep getting help. This game is created with the purpose of training your thinking, your analytical ability. So, think a little, use your thinking along with your logical analysis to find the answer!

The game has many interesting and creative content

During the game, you will find the game contains many daily life topics. From weather topics, people, vehicles or animals to sports, math. Along with that, the game also takes a lot of ideas from fable stories like “The Rabbit and the Turtle” or the world wonders such as the Sphinx that makes questions more creative and brings more interesting information for players.


DOP 2: Delete One Part still gives me simple but very cute and funny 2D animation images. You will also easily notice the characters appearing in comic sites like Catwoman, Dracula, Frankenstein … Although it’s just small things, you can see that the game is very subtle when integrated into familiar things, near close to our lives.

Download DOP 2: Delete One Part APK for Android

DOP 2: Delete One Part is the best choice if you are looking for a puzzle game. You should consider before playing the game as this is a 13+ game with some words and images that are not suitable for young children. Besides, you also need to know a little English because the current game is only English but does not support any other language.

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