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NameDoors&Rooms : Escape King
Package Namecom.mobirix.dr
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
RequiresAndroid 4.1
Doors Rooms Escape King for Android
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Doors&Rooms : Escape King MOD APK is a horror puzzle game for mobile that is ranked in a difficult, brain-damaging genre. If you want to challenge your brain and see what your peak logic ability is, play this game right away.

Introduce about Doors&Rooms : Escape King

Brain-hacking puzzle game including horror elements!

Sometimes you don’t trust what you see on a game’s intro page on Google Play. Several days ago I was looking for a puzzle game to play, and accidentally it introduced me to the name Doors&Rooms : Escape King. I was also curious about it before downloading it to play. Through the clips about the gameplay, it seemed to be quite easy to play, the picture looked beautiful, so I decided to download it.

But you know what, it’s much harder than imagined. Not as simple and peaceful as what you see in the introduction, actually you will have to do a lot of things to solve the game puzzles and come to the end.

What is Doors&Rooms : Escape King?

Doors&Rooms: Escape King is just a puzzle game with a few horror elements like many other mobile games. The only difference here is its “fakeness”. The scenes appear quite peaceful with no elements of death, no jumpscare, no scary dark patches, no chasing footsteps behind. But it is that suspicious calm that makes players flinch.

As the name suggests, your task is to become the Escape King escaping from a series of closed rooms. Break the glass case, get the key, turn the system, find the hidden number, open the other door and run out of the room that is holding you. All missions are just that.


The difficulty level will get higher and higher, this room is scarier, and the “tricks” hiding the way to open the door are getting more and more sophisticated. Doors&Rooms : Escape King is also favored by experts as having a series of questions, challenges, and difficulty levels.

Much logic and connectivity are needed

Doors&Rooms : Escape King attaches great importance to logic and connection. So, these are obviously two factors you need to pay attention to when playing this game. The answers clearly connect to previous data with unexpected closeness, making you surprised a lot. You have a piece of answer A, use A to do B, then when having B, go back to do A, then you get to C, that kind of thing. And yes, that is too difficult.

At first, I went through 1-2 levels. I was really excited because it seemed that it was just easy. But when I got to the third and fourth room, I started to sweat. After that, I started to cry. Maybe it was because I was eager to win and despised this game, so I was defeated by it. If I had started slower, thought more carefully, and looked at the details more closely, I would not have been beaten up so easily.

After a few times up and down, I woke up and started playing Doors&Rooms : Escape King more cautiously and with control. I didn’t care about how long the puzzle would take, just focused on the detailed logic, and attentively found a way to open the door. Doors&Rooms : Escape King is also one of the games that changed your thought. Playing the game is not to affirm your talent, but to experience, to train yourself. Thus, puzzle games like this are really valuable.

Unlock more things as you go deeper into the game

The brain-hacking battles in Doors&Rooms : Escape King become more and more fierce as the game presents a kind of challenge: passing this room will reveal the next one. Or, after you pass the challenge, you will have in hand some special items to make a premise to open the room and then escape.

Uniquely, there is a System based on strength levels. This system allows you to play multiple levels. But at the same time, you also easily lose power when detecting dangerous objects, conversely, you can increase your own strength when finding beneficial objects.

Doors&Rooms : Escape King is a game worth playing because, in addition to the terrifying and nerve-wracking challenge I just mentioned above, it offers a lot of fun things as the developer is constantly monitoring, investing in, and having a decent commitment to the game. New rooms and new items are constantly being updated. Play a game like this, you can rest assured that you can follow it for a long time.

A few tips for newbies

Playing anything needs a trick, Doors&Rooms : Escape King is no exception. I summarize some of the following notes and tips for new players. Hope they help a little bit.

First, the room where you need to go through to get items isn’t safe either. It’s not exactly where the item can be available, so sometimes don’t linger too long in one place.

If you get game over due to picking too many dangerous items, focus on upgrading your strength instead of worrying about finding things.

In case the puzzle is too difficult, you can take advantage of the Hint section in the game to find some hidden hints.

MOD APK version of Doors&Rooms : Escape King

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Unlimited Coins

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Doors&Rooms : Escape King is a puzzle game with extremely interesting tasks that are very difficult to accomplish. This is a game for you to train your brain and patience, and to focus on logic. Do you want to challenge your own puzzle ability? Play Doors&Rooms : Escape King right away! 

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