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Doorman Story APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Resources) v1.13.1

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NameDoorman Story
Package Namecom.rmg.hotelteam
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Resources
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Doorman Story MOD APK is a hotel management simulation game from the publisher AppQuantum. In the game, you will be a manager of a small motel. Thanks to the flexible and skillful management skill, the motel has gradually turned into a hotel and expanded to many other luxury hotel forms. Let’s try to be the hotel manager!

Introduce about Doorman Story

Hotel team tycoon, time management

Attraction of talented hotel managers

Korean or Hollywood movies have given us the view of many splendid and gorgeous images of luxury hotels. Or even the modest motels along the highway will make you curious many times. When I was a child, I also dreamed of dressing up in the dignified and serious uniform of a hotel manager and doing daily tasks which were very interesting when waiting for small surprises every day. Although I am now a game writer, I also feel a little bit of recovery sometimes when reminiscing about my childhood’s dream.

Thus, I think I should try Doorman Story. I like it, of course, but let’s see whether the hotel management like it suits me or not. 

Doorman Story for Android

In the game, you do not do everything directly, you just have to manage and operate. One by one, the employees will appear, introduce themselves and begin working. Initially you will only have 2 staff members, a receptionist and a bellboy.

And the “hotel” you have in hand is actually just a small motel located along the road with basic classic design and extremely simple structure. Of course, with this structure, the two above-mentioned staff members have to work multi-tasks.

The receptionist is also the cashier, accountant, storekeeper, purchasing staff, ordering staff and also a guest receptionist. As for the bellboy, in addition to the task of waiting for the door, welcoming guests, carrying luggage, he also does the provision of food as required by the guests, checks and cleans the room before guests check in and after they check out.

As a hotel manager, you can’t rest even for a minute

No matter how small the initial number of guests is, don’t indulge yourself. You have to think about the direction of the future development of the motel in the long term. The trick for you is to not focus too much on the two employees but zoom out over the entire building, list the areas which need to be edited and upgraded. You also need to think about services that can be added for more profit like a cafe bar, a snackbar for guests, a small entertainment area for reading, playing a billard in the communal yard. Moreover, you need to plant more trees, add a fast-food menu, embellish the rooms to make them more eye-catching and change the table brand to get more attraction …

All of those things should be outlined in your mind and have a clear priority order, to …

When you have money, you can do it right away, respectively according to your priority and importance

In the game, you will get the following items: Heart represents the love and satisfaction of guests; Diamonds are usually obtained from unexpected rewards or special missions when you complete them. Diamonds are for buying rare and precious items that sometimes you need to have a lot of money to buy or even cannot buy with money.

The other is coins which will be collected from the deposit when the guests check in and the rest when they check out. Or when they use additional services from your hotel (that’s the reason why I said you have to create things attracting the guests as much as possible, which helps you to not only keep them longer but also push their satisfaction with your hotel up and sometimes there will be more tips).

Doorman Story MOD APK download

When you have money and diamonds, you will begin to upgrade each small thing. Do not worry too much about where to start, because the game itself always has detailed instructions along the way. What you need to do is to consider, spend reasonably and do everything step by step, don’t be too hasty. Otherwise, you will burn all your money before you can do big things.

And so much more work in the the next stages of development is still waiting for you

The first stage as a premise for a solid motel has been completed. Doorman Story will open up more opportunities for you to progress. You need to constantly take advantage of more and more guests, the quality is on the rise, employees are doing good work and the love for your hotel is increasingly spread. Make the best use of them! Turn yourself into a manager with a super strength to satisfy the maximum needs of customers and slowly raise the level of the motel to a true hotel.

Everything is of course not as easy as I just said. On that way, you will meet a lot of fastidious customers, even stubborn ones. But remember that the core of hotel service is the prestige and satisfaction of each guest, whether they are rich luxury or popular. All must be treated equally at the best quality as possible. When you upgrade things around hundred or thousand times, but the quality of customer service and satisfaction (heart) is going down or increasing very slowly, beware! Because the incident may happen, and you may be drowned in the bankruptcy vortex at any moment.

When you have gone through many tough things to turn the hotel from a new place into a place that many people or even celebrities love. You will be faced with bigger and bigger decisions such as: opening more branches in a different location, diversifying the image of each hotel.

Each hotel is now not only a branch but also has an icon, a distinct point. Like villas of stars, snow castles … And of course, the price of a night’s stay in these specialized places is also extremely expensive for its own charm. The large revenue from these iconic hotels will be the main source of profit for you to maintain the whole system and enhance your popularity promoting the hotel chain.

Doorman Story MOD by APKMODY

The pinnacle and final level of the game is: you will become a true hotel tycoon. Not sure who can go to the end. But I still keep the first advice: guests and their satisfaction are the vital core of any Hotel Group.

I quite like the graphics and sound in Doorman Story

Colorful 3D images, the characters are diverse, rich, and not duplicated. Everyone’s movement speed is moderate and not too tangled to focus on their thoughts. At the same time, the cash flow was circulating very quickly, money in and out at a super-fast speed.

The background music is gentle and relaxing. The higher level you get, the more attention to places with exciting music you should pay because it alarms a period of “storm” or a major event is about to happen.

In general, there is nothing to complain about the pictures and music in Doorman Story. With such a design for mobile phones, I cannot expect anymore!

MOD APK version of Doorman Story

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources

How to use

Note, you can buy anything, even you don’t have enough money.

Download Doorman Story APK & MOD for Android

You only need to touch and drag on the screen to manipulate. But every decision needs to be carefully considered and it will be quite difficult for you. Are you ready to manage your own hotel? Let’s download Doorman Story and play now!

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