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Door Kickers: Action Squad APK + MOD (Unlimited Ammo/Stars, Unlocked All Chapters) v1.2.1

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NameDoor Kickers: Action Squad
Package Namecom.khg.actionsquad
PublisherKillHouse Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo/Stars, Unlocked All Chapters
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Download Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK and take part in hostage rescue missions like a professional SWAT soldier.

Introduce about Door Kickers: Action Squad

Strange things have been happening lately. It appears that terrorist organizations have begun to operate again in USA.

Their first operating area at Nowhere City. As a SWAT soldier, you are brought here to prevent its spread to other places. Your talent and courage are the factors that determine the fate of the nation in the coming days.


Although it’s just a 2D game and a bit of retro classic style, you will soon get excited by the dramatic gameplay that Door Kickers: Action Squad brings. In Single Mission, you will act as the commander of a SWAT force. Your goal is to break into the grounds of the terrorists and save the hostages being kidnapped.

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However, the areas of your mission do not have a generator, and this means that the battle will take place in the dark. Every SWAT agent has a flashlight on their gun. Whenever they detecting someone is moving, they will fire right away. Such a sharp reaction is a good thing, but it also has the downside that you may kill the hostages.

For the reason mentioned above, you need to pay more attention to the movement of each SWAT. The game gives instructions, you just need to touch a team member, then drag on the screen to determine the path for them to move. This control may sound simple, but you will soon notice how the wrong path or SWAT in the wrong position will cause a great obstacle, when in a map with many terrorists.

Is it merely an action game?

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It sounds reasonable, but not really true for Door Kickers: Action Squad. Terrorists not only have a numerical advantage, but they are also wiser and more dangerous when equipped with explosive bombs and machine guns. A SWAT may have good combat skills, but can he survive when alone against enemies that have mastered their terrain? Perhaps you already know the answer, so the first thing you need to care about is team tactics. Don’t separate someone from the group just for exploration or battle. That just made him die!

Try to let them move together. Spread out an area, nestle against the walls to defend or block an area where you are sure terrorists can’t resist.

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As a commander of the SWAT force, you have to use a lot of tactics to avoid loss of members. The game will evaluate the effectiveness at the end of each mission and based on that decide the reward will be given to you.

Control your SWAT force

Good tactics alone are not enough. You also need talent soldier to do it. Door Kickers: Action Squad has a team of SWAT soldiers, so you have the best choice for each difficult task waiting ahead.

Each of them has their own ability to fight. Bruce Petty and Costin Dragomir have Field Skills stats that are almost absolute. Think about using their talents in complex terrains. John Sonedecker seems to be a veteran soldier and survived the world war, so the two stats Marksmanship and Assault Shooting are at perfect levels. There are very few SWATs like him, but other members can still be better with more combat experience.

Equip them with weapons

I have seen my soldiers taken down in gun battles. The reason is that their armor is not really strong and the gun does not fire fast enough. Therefore, I had a hard time completing the capture of the terrorists’ first base. I realize that they need to be provided with better equipment. This is essential for winning because the complexity of each challenge is gradually increasing.

Door Kickers: Action Squad has a collection of a variety of guns. You can buy them and equip your SWAT forces for a better battle effect. However, high damage of the gun is not mean an advantage. A shotgun is very powerful, which can kill enemies with a single shot but it only suits in close range. SMG guns are more specialized, have low recoil and medium-range firepower, suitable for attacking targets at greater distances.

In addition, bombs are also needed. You can throw a flash bomb to distract your opponent, then kill them before they know what’s going on with them.

MOD APK version of Door Kickers: Action Squad

MOD feature

  • Unlocked All Chapters
  • Unlock All Weapons

Download Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD APK for Android

Door Kickers: Action Squad will soon go beyond your expectations to prove one thing, an attractive game does not necessarily have sharp 3D graphics. It focuses on gameplay and strategy-building ability to provide a better experience for players.

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