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NameDK Mobile
Package Namecom.mover.twdk
PublisherMover Games Limited
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RequiresAndroid 6.0

DK Mobile APK is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO RPG) from the publisher Mover Games Limited (Korea). To date, the game has more than 2 million downloads and is highly appreciated by many people for its deep storyline, exquisite images that are bold medieval epic, and a considerable amount of other special elements in the gameplay.

Introduce about DK Mobile

Medieval style MMO RPG known for its depth and balance!

It is known that before coming to players, DK Mobile spent 2 years of development. The sweet fruit came as the game was warmly appreciated by millions of Korean players. Each person has a reason for the game’s popularity, but in summary, there are three factors that bring its success: The plot is attractive, there are many details to exploit, the epic medieval-style 3D design is great, and the gameplay is variable with depth and breadth and a good balance between the elements.


In the medieval magical epic world, a group of Dragon Knights is responsible for protecting the world. You are a member of a group. And the ultimate mission this time is to fight the mighty evil Caravaggio army that is plotting to invade and dominate this world.

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The traditional roleplaying element in every detail

You can loot the things dropped from bosses after each victory, collect items in the vast environment, collect points to upgrade costumes and weapons. You will experience all of these when playing DK Mobile.

The RPG element is also evident in the fact that DK Mobile offers a total of 5 classes for players to choose and accompany: Guardian paladin (who believes in faith and victory), Destroyer warrior (who is capable of crushing everything with his rare skill), Archer (who is good at long range and destroys the will of his enemies), Death warlock (a guide to death), and Commander mage (a commander capable of manipulating the battlefield).

Depending on who you choose, how to fight, which strategy you use, and how you use the collected points to develop which elements of the character, your character will develop personality in different directions. These are clearly the unmistakable characteristics of a classic RPG.

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A bright spot of DK Mobile: the game is highly appreciated for its balance and fairness. The balance shows in items found, skills, weapons accumulated, and the hardcore of the opponent in each game scene. It’s fair that every player gets equal chances and equal wins. They differ only in ingenuity, meticulousness, and perseverance. There is very little room for so-called “chance” (lucky or unlucky) in this game.

MMO in DK Mobile

Well, DK Mobile has a lot of violence and killing scenes. And the character image is also quite hot. It seems that the world in the game believes that force can help people get revenge or bring peace. And players have the right to choose from many different game modes to show their fighting skills using force.

  • Prison mode: A prison system that will hold a large number of famous players. And you will be an anonymous soldier rushing into the prison to kill those famous players.
  • Hunter mode: Where you will work hard to find dangerous enemies. This game mode is like a guild, where you will link up with other members to fight the enemy together.

This DK Mobile game is also loved by many Koreans because it fully converges the classic elements of the MMO RPG form like fighting, guilds, fame, loot, and even the gameplay “large-scale siege war”. These battles of thousands of people will really explode. You need special skills, weapons, courage, and wisdom to overcome countless traps.

Graphics and sound

First of all, let’s talk about the vast world that DK Mobile creates. Everything from the setting to the colors and the monsters reflects the medieval style and heroic epic. But that’s not all. The design of heroic characters in DK Mobile is one of the big factors that make the game attractive. The face, physique, weapons, armor, moves of each character are different, and the life story itself is different too. You will go from one curiosity to another.

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DK Mobile is also one of the few games that succeed in taking advantage of 360-degree Panoramic Views and epic magical effects. Players can capture the entire scene, move flexibly, and freely watch the moves created by themselves. You will be completely integrated into the game and living with the character.

Not to mention the sound effects of the game are outstanding. Although it is a bit inferior to the graphics, it also fulfills its role in large-scale battles. Everything explodes at the same time, but you can still hear the necessary details, especially determining the direction of the enemy.

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DK Mobile is an MMO RPG worth playing guys. Its appeal has been proven in Korea. Hope there will be a more international version to make it easier to follow the plot and character’s mentality, but now even when we cannot really feel 100% of its essence, it is so great to play.

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