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Dino War: Rise of Beasts APK for Android/iOS

Dino War is an MMO strategy game based on science-fiction, released by KingsGroup Holdings. In the context of the future, when human engineering science has grown exponentially, humans can revive the dinosaurs by regenerating genes from fossils for domesticating them. If you have ever seen Jussaric World, you can easily relate to this game. The new idea of the game has quickly attracted the attention of so many players around the world, is it enough to stimulate your curiosity?


Summary about Dino War: Rise of Beasts APK

NameDino War: Rise of Beasts
Latest Version2.1.0
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
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Dinosaurs return

Dino War gameplay

This giant reptile marks a new step in the development of the global science. Dr Claw, who invented the gene for dinosaurs, have created a lot to serve people. However, things got out of control when the dinosaurs were crazy, turning their back on the humans. By chance, New Dawn had conquered the dinosaurs to create a terrible army of conquest with global ambition. Human civilization is collapsing. The government, the military are all being eliminated, the people erected the walls to protect themselves from the outside world.

No matter who you are, children, women, old people, you have to make every effort to survive in Dino War. Get up, fight the giant Jurassic beasts and join the army with General Stryker with the mission to protect humanity.

Create your army

Dino War gameplay 1

The plot of the game sounds intriguing, I think it’s enough to transform into blockbuster movies. So what about gameplay? In order to be able to fight with the dinosaurs, you have to have an army of your own. Actually, things are not over. You can tame many dinosaurs, they will help you fight the enemy.

Dino War‘s gameplay looks similar to building games like Clash of Clans. Initially, the player must build and upgrade buildings to expand the area, synonymous with that your army will be stronger and bigger. Military buildings give you a lot of power as well as allow you to unlock different types of troops. A warrior rides a T-Rex with armor to the battlefield, do you like it?

The war

Dino War

You do not have to do much in the fight. Acting as a commander, you only need to pick the one you like best and enjoy the battle from afar. The chance of winning depends entirely on your thinking and tactics, so you must think carefully to create the best possible army, ready to fight with all enemies.

Some other features

Do you like dinosaurs? Study the new dinosaurs in Dino War. You can exchange, trade items you have with other players or simply make friends and chat with them.


Dino War graphics

Dino War has breakthrough 3D graphics and very good image quality, more prominent than other strategic games on the market. The game offers you a fantastic visual experience with the most realistic sound possible. However, because It’s just released recently, the game still has the status jerky or lag, but it will gradually be overcome in the latest update.


If you’re a dinosaur fan or Jussaric World movie, Dino War is a must-have game. Join the dinosaur world by downloading this game to your phone via the links below.

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  • Dino War for Android APK - v2.1.0

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