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Diner DASH Adventures APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Hearts) v1.34.1

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NameDiner DASH Adventures
Package Namecom.glu.dashtown
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Hearts
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Do you have a dream of opening a famous restaurant in the world? Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Hearts) is the game you should try once. Download the game to your Android device and start developing your own restaurant.

Introduce about Diner DASH Adventures

Diner DASH Adventures is a restaurant management and simulation game. Players will accompany with Flo – the main character of the game to cook, build the most famous restaurant in town.

Currently, Diner DASH Adventures has millions of people playing. Join them to cook, experience the story with Flo and cook the best dishes yourself!

The story

Flo is a talented chef. She has left her hometown to adventure the world, while at the same time fulfilling her life’s dream.

Diner DASH Adventures for android

Lately, bad things keep happening. Mr Big – an evil tycoon is planning to take over the entire town, forcing everyone to buy his food. On the other hand, Mr Big also hired a lot of thugs to smash the streets, making the beautiful scenery of the town ruined.

Without heartlessly watching the place where she grew up was destroyed because of the boss’s selfishness, Flo decided to return home. She promised everyone that, she will smash Mr Big’s plot, and return the inherent beauty of this place.

Cooking simulation game combined with serving, decorating

That’s right, Diner DASH Adventures is a restaurant simulation game that combines all three elements of cooking, customer service, and landscape decoration. You will create and manage restaurants, hotels, and even bakeries.

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In the process, you will have to work independently. You have to do all the steps, from preparing ingredients, cooking and serving customers. This considerable amount of work will make you feel more strenuous, but in return, you will receive fun and bonuses.

Cook favorite foods

Diner DASH Adventures features hundreds of recipes from all over the world. You can serve breakfast to your customers with fast and light dishes like donuts, cakes, burgers, fresh milk, omelets or hot dogs. Lunch and dinner can be more complicated, when customers want to enjoy a steak, fried chicken or other meat related dishes, requiring meticulousness and cooking techniques. That is when your cooking talent is showed.

Diner DASH Adventures mod apk

The levels of Diner DASH Adventures are fairly quick. Customers are constantly come in and order the food they want. You will have to take the order, then prepare the corresponding food and place it in the kitchen. Usually, you will have to cook 3 – 5 dishes at the same time so as not to delay. Customers can only wait a short time, they may get angry and leave if they wait too long.

In addition, Diner DASH Adventures also offers cooking competitions. You can join and associate with Cookies. He is a talented chef who has a lot of experience in cooking. He will provide some tips and tricks so that you can create the best dishes, based on customized recipes.

You also need to care about time

As mentioned, the levels of Diner DASH Adventures go pretty fast. Therefore, you need to be able to manage your time to play better. When dozens of customers line up to order and wait for the food, how do you handle it? Priority is given to customers who order fast food or customers who cannot wait long?

Maybe, you can’t answer yet, but you can improve performance after upgrading and replacing your cookware. Have you thought about unlocking a new stove to cook more dishes at once, buying an oven, automatic beverage machine or hiring an employee?

Decorate and upgrade areas in town

First, we will talk about the restaurant – where you currently work and manage. Diner DASH Adventures offers a variety of unique furnishings and décor items. You can replace that old debris with more modern equipment. Turn the empty front yard into a garden house where guests can enjoy their meal.

Next, when new content is unlocked, you can redecorate the dilapidated buildings in town. Build a bridge connecting your restaurant to a lake structure. Decorate plants, chairs and flower beds around the open space next to the play area.

MOD APK version of Diner DASH Adventures

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Coins: 10000 coins per level
  • Unlimited Heart: 10000 hearts per level
  • Fast Dash Mode

Download Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK for Android

Diner DASH Adventures is a cooking simulation game, combined with decorations and at the same time, it has an in-depth storyline. You will accompany Flo, help her build and serve customers in the restaurant.

Currently, Diner DASH Adventures has 27 chapters. New content and features are still in development and will be included in the upcoming update. In addition, the developer also regularly organizes events. Don’t miss them, because you can get a lot of great rewards!

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