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NameDice Dreams
Package Namecom.superplaystudios.dicedreams
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Rolls, Coins, Spin
RequiresAndroid 7.0

A bright colorful arcade game will be what you need for the quiet moments of the day, especially when you want to pull up the mood and prepare for a busy working week. At this time, let’s play a fun game like Dice Dreams APK.

Introduce about Dice Dreams

Welcome to Dice Dreams!

In addition to studying, working, having fun with friends, eating, sleeping, and talking to my parents, the rest of the day I spend playing games. And besides the stressful brain-damaging games, I also like the bright arcade genre, the type that requires less brainstorming but still achieves the necessary fun and excitement. Recently, Dice Dreams is the only application of this kind on my mobile phone. Have you guys played this game yet?


In Dice Dreams, you will play as Bob on a journey with friends to fight to regain the stolen kingdom. After a long journey to visit his old friend the Pirate King, Bob decided to return to his hometown. But when he got there, he realized that his home was attacked by a bunch of traitors from the other island. Bob quickly gathered his friends and set off together with only a magic dice board and a brave heart. Bob was determined to take revenge, fight with them, and get back everything belonging to him. New adventure begins here.

What exactly is your gesture in Dice Dreams?

Just aim the slingshot, shoot, earn gold from your friends’ kingdoms, and make their treasure your own. Then feel free to upgrade your weapons, open up new challenges, create your own enemies and plunge into endless battles.

Unlike every game you’ve ever known, Bob’s process is not just going or fighting. But Bob has to roll the dice on a magic board, steal coins, collect gems, attack rebels, and regain the throne. From here, he could rebuild the mighty kingdom in his own way.

Every progression in the game comes with specific instructions and annotations so you don’t have to worry. After each dice roll, the result obtained will correspond to your attack. The stronger, and more continuous the blow, the higher the chance for the opponent to worship the sky. This means that you can fire up your opponent’s kingdom, collect tons of gold coins, steal all the treasures the enemy has and continue to conquer another kingdom. The game doesn’t have an end, it’s just that you feel satisfied with the results obtained or not.

But be careful because when you are in a rush of blood, preparing to raise the gun to shoot at the target, the enemy can launch a counterattack and block disables the attack you’re about to fire.

The more kingdoms you collect, the happier you will be and the more victorious you will feel. The stimulation of the game has since increased until the formation of a kingdom that is vast, prosperous and beyond all expectations.

The beauty that is also a very entertaining factor of Dice Dreams is the part of interacting with friends during the game. You can invite your Facebook friends to play, experience the colorful adventure and exciting minigames of this game.

Moreover, Dice Dreams also attracts players because of the feature that allows creating enemies. You want to challenge yourself and your friends, just create as many enemies as you like. The more you play, the richer the ability to create enemies is for you to reach higher the stimulation.

Graphics and sound

This game is really interesting to play. The graphics with funny characters, who are all chubby blocks, looks so cute and hilarious. The surrounding scenery is truly diverse for the characters to explore. So, you will also enjoy a lot of beautiful scenery.

I love the way kingdoms are created in Dice Dreams. Contrary to the round pet character, the kingdom of each player in the game is created quite well, with many colors, many castle clusters and different shapes. The feeling of conquering each of these great works, and then collecting a lot of money and treasures, also becomes impressive.

The vibrant rhythm of the game and the moderate background music come with quite a few interesting effects in the dice roll, shooting, or burning down other kingdoms. This game is not too much fighting or intense, but enough to keep you excited and motivated to continue the journey.

Download Dice Dreams APK for Android

A good game with strange gameplay is a bit childish but has a strange charm. The characters are cute, and the kingdom is majestic. All in all, well worth the relaxation.

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