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NameDiamond Quest: Don’t Rush!
Package Namediamond.quest.dont.rush
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! APK is a game for who loves adventure and archaeology. Do you want to take part in adventures in the deep forests of Angkor Wat to the snow mountains of Tibet?

Introduce about Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush!

If you are a fan of Bean Jungle Adventure, don’t miss out on Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! – a funny classic adventure game developed by Bounce Global. Coming to this game, you will transform into an adventurer on adventures to explore mysterious mazes. Diamond Quest has brought a breath of fresh air to 2D role-playing adventure games with much more advanced graphics and gameplay.


In this game, the player will play as an explorer with the desire to find the mysteries in the world. The player’s goal is to explore the mysterious forest where the magnificent Angkor Wat temple is located, then take an adventure into the Bavarian castle. Finally, you need to cross the cold ice cave in Tibet to complete the journey. As an adventurer, players must not only discover secrets but also collect rare diamonds before moving on to new lands.

You cannot know what awaits you

Adventure is never easy, players will face tons of obstacles, traps and monsters on each map. During these trips, players will have to cross the bushes, dig the earth to find rare diamonds. Be careful because the impact can make the rocks rock and fall down on you at any time. In addition, the player must also be wary of monsters always lurking everywhere. From giant snakes to aggressive monkeys, stone lions can kill characters anytime. Even some special levels require you diving underwater to collect gems to complete the mission.

However, remember, do not stay in the water for too long because the character will be exhausted and drowned due to lack of air. One more thing is at the end of each stage, players will have to confront the giant bosses. They are very strong and hard to beat. But only when you defeat them, you can continue the journey.

Play very carefully because if you, unfortunately, lose your life, you will have to play that level from the beginning. Although it is an action game, Diamond Rush is also quite “challenging” with hundreds of conundrums. True to its name, if you want to win this game, you cannot rush.


Each level has a certain amount of purple diamonds that players need to collect. Also during the exploration, players can use silver or gold keys to open treasure chests found randomly on the map. These treasure chests may contain many purple diamonds or one amber diamond (extremely rare item). To make it easier to discover, characters can also use various auxiliary tools with unique features. For example, using a magic hammer to break down walls (only walls made of soft soil), a hook to pull things or using an ice hammer to freeze everything.


Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! is a classic adventure game so there is a simple, intuitive control system. Users can use the virtual control buttons shown on the screen to help their characters move left, right, up, and down. Especially on the screen also has a small compass to help players position their direction easily. In addition, users can freely customize the size, opacity and sensitivity of the control in the settings menu. However, if you first try this genre, it will take a while to get used to it, it will be a bit difficult.

Graphics and sound

Diamond Rush is a classic maze-style game, but its graphics are underestimated. Many gamers have rate 5/5 stars rating with compliments that beautiful HD graphics with landscapes make them feel excited. Sound is a plus point with many extremely lovely music, the simulation of the sound of falling rocks, or the sound of monsters emitting is also extremely realistic.

Information about the MOD version

Currently, there is no MOD version of this game. We will update soon.

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Diamond Rush is an entertaining game but also challenging player’s brains with hundreds of new puzzles. It is extremely suitable for relieving stress after stressful studying or working hours.

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