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NameDevil May Cry Mobile
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Devil May Cry Mobile APK is the mobile version of the legendary action game Devil May Cry, which is the childhood of many generations of players on PC and console. The suffocating fights, strong personalities, and a series of crazy action of the characters you love will live again on the mobile platform. Playing Devil May Cry has never been so convenient.

Devil May Cry Mobile: What’s new in Android version?

The young, white-haired devil hunter Dante is still strong and brilliant

The timeline in Devil May Cry also makes gamers dive in all the time and don’t want to out. The past is interwoven with the present. The future sometimes comes first, and then comes the explanations of each character’s background and their mysterious past. When playing this game on PC, sometimes, to summarize the character map really quickly, I had to refer to the game character diagram. And frankly, it’s complicated.

Devil May Cry Mobile APK download

So when I heard that Devil May Cry has a mobile version, I wonder which part the developer will choose from the PC. It is part 1 with the story of the future or part 2, 3 where the past’s curtain gradually reveals. And it is known that in this first mobile version, the plot is part 3, about the childhood of the demon hunter Dante, with the appearance of Vergil and Lady. This is also the part that has had the most success on previous platforms.

The heroes and weapon set promises to be even more diverse than on PC version

An adventure of the devil hunter, Dante and hash-slash gameplay with bloody top fights has made Devil May Cry a monument to cross-platform action games. After many days of waiting, in this year 2021, players will admire this great game on the Android mobile phone. This is the result of a collaboration between developer Yun Chang Games and Capcom’s veteran design team. So in terms of design, gameplay, combos, character-shaping, almost nothing to say.

The entire weapon system and combos of the original Devil May Cry 3 are preserved on mobile. You can freely admire Dante’s legendary weapons from basic level such as Rebellion, Ebony to monstrous high-end like Cerberus, Agni & Juda … Also, some additional features are still in the testing phase, such as new bosses, levels, new weapons. Even according to the company’s announcement, after the official launch, based on direct feedback from player, the game’s character lines can be edited in a different direction to better suit mobile users’ preferences.

Devil May Cry Mobile for Android

There are some mixed opinions about the face design of the main character, devil hunter Dante. Some people believe that the 3D effects still do not look like on the PC, especially the expressions in the corners of the fighting phase’s faces have not shown the soul like the original. But don’t you hurry, they just experimented. There are tons of edits. Just be patient and wait in trust.

Devil May Cry’s super fast and bloody gameplay is what people are looking forward to

According to experts, Devil May Cry’s mobile version is exactly a minimalistic and neat but complete copy of the previous PC version. It is even more overwhelming because of easy accessibility with advanced motion technology on a mobile platform.

From PC format, console to mobile, one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is gameplay. From the control mechanism through the gaming gear, now to the touch or one-touch mechanism of the mobile device, technically has required many changes. The user experience is also different, so keeping the original gameplay or similar 80-90% is very difficult.

Devil May Cry Mobile gameplay

Devil May Cry Mobile developer claims that this is what they are first interested in when making a mobile version, so you can rest assured that if you don’t experience 10, you will get 8-9 parts like playing on consoles and PC. Specifically in the game, the combos, the character’s attack, avoiding attacks, switching weapons, all will try to do as much as possible on the PC. And, of course, there is also the legendary angle lock feature to fully enjoy the character’s moves as on the PC version.

Download Devil May Cry Mobile APK for Android

Unlike the Devil May Cry versions on PC and console, this mobile version is expected to be convenient. Playing a game of this size on mobile a few years ago was quite a myth. Now, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, developers have constantly brought high-quality games, not inferior to original games, on the Android phone that you hold in your hand every day.

I hope Dante will bring you the most intense, action-packed battles of the year. Download Devil May Cry Mobile APK here, guys!

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