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NameDevil Book
MOD FeaturesSpeed, Auto Kill
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action MOD APK is an MMO role-playing game by the publisher NGEL GAMES. The game quickly caused waves of large and small waves in the mobile gaming community (especially in Japan and Korea) thanks to the hand-drawn graphics and the respectable gameplay.

Devil Book: Hand-drawn adventure role-playing game really idle but never bored

I just learned about Devil Book recently. Read more details from the developer to know that the game is made on the Unity platform, so most of the functions in the game are automatic. At that time, I wonder, so what is the challenge of this game?

But the shapes of the beasts in the trailer are so eye-catching, they are of the monstrous style of some of my favorite Indie game makers, so I downloaded it and tryied it out. And realize, what I know is only 20% of the iceberg. 80%, I will continue to talk next.

Clear character classification, nothing difficult to understand, anyone can play

Firstly. Devil Book has a completely different and new approach compared to common MMORPGs. No complications, no confusion or distraction. The characters and monsters in the game are assigned to one of three groups of Jan – Ken – Pon (similar to the game One Two Three).

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As a result, the role-playing and participating in the battles also become easier and simpler. Even children can follow the story and play. This is also the first explanation for the rapid spread of Devil Book in the gamer community. 

Only one mission, clearly but never makes you bored

Next is the gameplay scene, with both unique and attractive context and graphics while still following the principles of minimalism, neatness, intuitive and easy to understand. The player’s quest also appeared immediately, without any concealment. Most of the time, players go and kill monsters from start to finish, not mixing many missions like other classic MMO games.

But you will never get bored, because in each moment, every location, the monsters are extremely diverse and many types. The only thing I wish is that the cool-down process of switching characters from one group to another in the Jan Ken Pon system is not as long as it is now. Sometimes, you come face-to-face with a powerful monster, but cannot flexibly change the character. You have to wait a few seconds for the system to switch to another character, which sometimes drives you crazy.

Devil Book for Android

Playing Devil Book (at the present time), you do not need to be prepared to fight with other players, because it can only be played with AI. But the maps and the matches are many. To explore all the maps and content, it may take up to a month. Anyone who likes to compete in PvP mode may not be very satisfied with this limitation. However, for some players who want pure entertainment and kill the time, that’s enough. 

The story is not too new but has depth and many interesting details

Next, the fascinating part of the Devil Book “iceberg” is in the plot. I ranked this factor to the 5th place among the attractive reasons of Devil Book because, in my opinion, the plot is not too mysterious and new compared to the games of the same genre. Roughly, the player will play the role of Jino whose mission is to clear up all the mysteries surrounding a book called “Devil Book”.

This is an ancient book with many mysterious secrets. However, it suddenly went missing, leading to a series of deaths and mysterious disappearances. Storylines like this are also common in Japanese manga or even anime. However, from the context, gameplay, character system, enemies and how you can survive in the adventure is really the specialty of the game (like I just mentioned above).

Manipulation also has nothing to say because it is too classic with one touch mechanism on mobile. You can do whatever you want, choose whatever you want, just touch the screen, touch, touch and touch.

Some small highlights but really created the attraction for Devil Book

In addition to the important factors mentioned above about the nature of the system and how things are arranged in the game, Devil Book also offers a lot of interesting aftertaste, attracting many generations from the X gene to the Alpha gene.

The supporting characters accompanying Jino. The thing is, our Jino has only the sole duty of slashing demons. But defeating thousands of demons, Jino is a bit overload, so along the way, he can save points and unlock friends. Each of them has their own strengths and skills that will more or less help Jino on the journey.

Devil Book on APKMODY

You can create the appearance of the main character Jino. Whichever option is very cute. Obviously chibi style, but has no childish feeling, but is still very old and has a certain adult style. The player’s level of customization for the character is very deep, from changing the shape of the body to the outfit, accessories, and hair.

The side factors have many implications

Each monster has a unique shape not found in other games. In particular, their names are very special, related to the Covid-19 virus. Do names like Corona, Sacovi … make you feel more satisfied when you cut them into hundred pieces?

Play scenes are stratified with completely different terrain and color tones such as forests, deserts, volcanoes … with unmistakable hand-drawn strokes that remind players of natural disasters and strata, according to legend.

MOD APK version of Devil Book

MOD features

  • Speed Up
  • Auto Kill (Solo mode only)

Download Devil Book MOD APK for Android

In short, this really-idle-style MMORPG is a masterpiece of art, help you entertaining and killing time every day. Download Devil Book APK game via the link below. If you love this game, please leave a comment and 5-star rating to support APKMODY. Love you, guys!

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