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NameDestiny Girl
PublisherNext2Play Games
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Destiny Girl APK is a role-playing game released by Next2Play Games, not only focuses on many attractive waifu but also has addictive gameplay. If you have a special love for your ideal girlfriend, then you need to play Destiny Girl right away.

Introduce about Destiny Girl

Explore the forbidden paradise in Destiny Girl!

Destiny Girl is an action role-playing and card-collecting game where you can collect a lot of female generals who are all attractive waifus, who are all talented and have many powerful unique skills.


The human world suddenly became unstable. Giant dragons from nowhere are raging and seeking to dominate the planet. A special force is formed of talented, beautiful dragon-hunting female warriors with the big goal of destroying the cruel dragons and restoring peace to the world.


Not to mention the beautiful and talented waifu characters, Destiny Girl first brings about epic battles between girls and the evil dragon army. This fascinating RPG mobile game has everything a player who is new to the card role-playing genre or has a lot of experience needs: beautiful graphics, impressive characters, both lovely and cute. They fight quickly, with many skills, many combos, with automatic combat support for you to enjoy watching your dreamlike female generals.

You will meet again famous characters in history transformed into beautiful, sexy, cute girls. The more female generals you collect and unlock, the more opportunities you have to try out hundreds of different strategies. The face of the battle is therefore always colorful. There is a certain level of a challenge thanks to the tactical requirements of character coordination and reasonable moves, but there is still enough time for you to comfortably entertain the beautiful female warrior’s thanks to the ability to automatically fight.

When playing Destiny Girl, you also have the opportunity to explore the forbidden paradise. Hundreds of girls are waiting for you to gather into a powerful cast of dragon hunters to protect the kingdom. Each girl has her own looks, abilities, and skills. Line up squads, combine them in a logical order, take advantage of each person’s skill system, collect power-up items on the way… The deeper you go, the more secrets you unlock for each of her attractive female generals.

Destiny Girl currently has nearly 100 female dragon hunters. By taking advantage of the game’s idle feature, you can be offline and still automatically collect valuable gems, coins, experience points, and resources as rewards.

Diverse levels and game modes

Not only has an anime-style battle style, an impossibly beautiful cast of characters, Destiny Girl also offers a variety of levels: Queen Tower, Lost Court… and many areas where great secrets are hidden inside. You can play solo to fully enjoy the beauty and exciting tactical combat of dragon hunts. Or you can also play competitive PvP with other players to practice more fighting skills for the dragon hunter team.

Increase bonuses, increase your chances of winning, or whatever strategy you think is the best

The trick here is that, with a sufficient number of female generals, you can arbitrarily arrange the choice of battle formation. You can choose heroines of the same class, of the same element in the same team to activate bonuses when fighting. Or you can also risk yourself by choosing according to skill regardless of class and element to create a surprise for the situation. Any strategy is fine, as long as the ultimate goal is to defeat the fierce dragon army.

When you win a battle, you can level up female generals, add equipment, upgrade skills, get more gold, level up pot, and experience points for the character. The higher the skill level, the more powerful and destructive the attack takes place. Combining many high-level female generals will speed up the miraculous victory. That is also the addictive journey of Destiny Girl.

Download Destiny Girl APK for Android

Destiny Girl is currently available in English, Thai, Indo, and Simplified Chinese. Beautiful visuals, sexy, talented characters, addictive gameplay, and plenty to discover along the way. Destiny Girl is an action card role-playing game that you should play if you don’t want to miss the beautiful female generals.

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