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NameDesigner City 2
Package Namecom.spheregamestudios.designercity2
PublisherSGS - City Building Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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If you have the power and money to build everything, what kind of city will you create in your imagination? Well, now you do not need to imagine as we have a game to help you make that happen, it is Designer City 2 MOD APK. The game is where you can design and build the city of your dreams and develop it into a glittering super city or an eco-friendly green port city. Anything is possible.

Introduce about Designer City 2

Design and build cities in your own way!


Designer City 2 is a city-building simulation game. This little game has all you need to know when it comes to building your own land.

You will start with building houses, apartments, and then skyscrapers, thereby attracting people to live. Once the people are settled, you will need to create jobs for them. You need to build businesses, companies, workshops, and factories, then expand them into modern industries and services for the city. They are not only a source of jobs for people but also a manifestation of the city’s modern stature and potential for future development.

Besides accommodation and work, now let’s come to entertainment needs. Depending on the development at each stage of the city, you will build more bars, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, and other forms of entertainment to create places for residents to relieve their mood after hours of working hard.

For the city to develop prosperously and make a stronger impression on the world, you build hundreds of skyscrapers to affirm the steady position of the dream city.

Make a smart city ​​planning and have a long-term strategy and vision to help the city develop steadily

The core of this game is Long-term and healthy development. Your residents don’t want to live in a polluted town, so it’s important to have careful City Planning. Good planning has not only reasonable construction but also environmental concerns.

You must always ensure the Lungs of the city. Try to have many trees, parks, and environmentally friendly green buildings.

At the same time, it is also important to manage electricity and water supplies for the city, care about garbage removal, sanitation, waste treatment services, and plant crops to produce enough food. Without these aspects, the city will grow unbalanced and easily come to the brink of collapse.

The more careful construction calculation and green, sustainable planning are, then the healthier and more efficient people are, and the more quickly industries and services develop and bring more income to the city. You will use this income to reinvest, build new buildings, and do many other things to improve the quality of the city.

For example, you can build a more modern and larger transport network, and organize a team of human resources to manage the city. Further, you can build seaports, large airports, and domestic and foreign trade routes to promote industry and tourism.

Happy sims will work harder and generate more income for you to spend on building and improving your city skyline. Manage massive traffic networks to keep your citizens moving day and night. And build large seaports and airports to increase industry and tourism.

Freedom to build things your way

You can make everything in the city your way. You can lower the land to create rivers, lakes, and coastlines. Raise the land to create hills, mountains, and plateaus.

Designer City 2 is also where you can enjoy the “Low Poly” art style that allows you to freely develop and build your city the way you want to be on the top of city construction. You can plan and develop your city building in any way, at your own pace, and in a unique style.

You can play Designer City 2 offline or online. Play online to compete with other city leaders, and visit the cities and towns from around the world for inspiration. Or play alone offline to immerse yourself in the experience of building and developing a city without knowing your surroundings.

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Unlimited Money

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Designer City 2 is a modern city building and developing game that is worth playing. In the game, you will be completely free to do whatever you like. There are no limits in this game. Let’s just build and make the city of your dreams! 

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