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Dentist Bling APK + MOD (Free Shopping) v0.7.6

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NameDentist Bling
PublisherCrazy Labs
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Have you ever wondered if you have dental problems? Download Dentist Bling Salon MOD APK to check up your teeth, maybe your questions will find the answers!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Dentist Bling Salon
    1. Gameplay
    2. Become a dentist
    3. Upgrade your clinic
    4. Some tips you should know
    5. Graphics
  2. MOD APK version of Dentist Bling
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Dentist Bling Salon APK &MOD for Android

Introduce about Dentist Bling Salon

Dentist Bling Salon is an interesting simulation game in which you play as a dentist treating patients at your own clinic. Your clinic is always filled with patients with different cases, requires doctors to treat quickly and accurately with vast specialized knowledge.


As I said, you are a dentist, your job is to help patients have healthy and beautiful teeth. First, Dentist Bling Salon will ask you to check the patient’s teeth for any problems. Here, players will encounter many common symptoms in the mouth, such as tooth decay, yellow teeth, jaw deviation. Next, you will have to decide how to handle them. For each disease, they will require different treatments but the game has some tools available to help you handle, your job is only to find out where to fix it. For example, for the teeth of people with a lot of tartar, you need to clean the tartar, giving the player back white teeth. If the patient has cavities, then you have to use a soldering device to seal the teeth, or even remove them if they are damaged.

One thing to note, patients do not like to suffer from prolonged pain during treatment. Each time you face cases, you need to pay attention to the “satisfaction score,” satisfaction levels will drop from high to low depending on how long you treat. If you do not quickly complete the job or leave the satisfaction level to zero, the customer will leave and you will have to try again in the next time.

Become a dentist

If for other doctors, the proper implementation and sufficient expertise is a good completion of the task, the dentist is not necessarily so. Of course, the doctor must know how to cure people’s illnesses, but the dentist must have another responsibility, that is beauty.

The customers in Dentist Bling Salon have all different needs of oral beauty, some want braces, some want to tooth extraction,… In general, each person has their own aesthetic style, and they are very strict. Prove your professionalism and agility to help customers have the best experience!

Upgrade your clinic

Each service you provide has a common price and you will receive it after serving guests. Use that money to buy more new equipment for your clinic. Dentist Bling Salon has a lot of interesting and specialized techniques waiting for you to discover. You can unlock many interesting things such as silver teeth, gold teeth, diamond plating teeth or colorful gemstones, precious materials, …

Besides, after completing the work with each customer, you will also receive experience points to increase your reputation, then you can upgrade your clinics. The amount of experience based on the satisfaction score you receive from customers, the better you do the better the reputation. When you reach certain experience points, your clinic will be promoted, customers will come more with higher requirements.

Some tips you should know

The higher the level, the more difficult Dentist Bling Salon gets. I stuck in a level for one week and I feel so bad. Of course, it is necessary to practice a lot to improve your skills but I also have a few tips that hope to be helpful for you.

For the tartar cases, the customer loses their temper very quickly so you also have to be really fast. Do not just focus on one tooth if there are some teeth that have the same problem. Keep your fingers moving between your teeth to reach the highest speed.

With a bonus level, it is the opposite. At this stage does not count time, so be careful, slowly and carefully draw like the sample, you will get a lot of money. If you are meticulous and patient, do not hesitate to try again and again for better results.

Don’t forget to use your earnings to unlock new services for your clinic. These services attract more customers, but you are also busier when the patients have unique needs.


As a game focused on gameplay, Dentist Bling Salon is not really too polished in terms of graphics. However, the eye-catching 2D graphics, bright colors, funny design are alleviated many people’s obsession with the dental office.

MOD APK version of Dentist Bling

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can buy dental equipment and teeth for free.

Download Dentist Bling Salon APK &MOD for Android

This game seems to be suitable for all ages and its appeal has been confirmed through more than 5 million downloads on Google Play and many positive comments. If you have the dream of becoming a dentist, I think Dentist Bling Salon is the perfect start!

Dentist Bling v0.7.6 APKMODFree Shopping
Dentist Bling v0.7.6 APK

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