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NameDemocratic Socialism Simulator
Package Namecom.molleindustria.demsocsim
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PriceFREE $2.99
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Democratic Socialism Simulator MOD APK from the publisher molleindustria is a political simulation game with an interface borrowed from the dating application Tinder and the popular game series Reigns. In the game, you play as the first Socialist President of the United States. And a series of both serious and humorous situations happen from here.

Democratic Socialism Simulator: A political game extremely brain-consuming

Another proof for the sentence: “Anything can happen in games”

You have a particular interest in macro politics, philosophy, and state policies. But you just learned in theory and don’t know how it can be applied. I’m sure what you need is a game that simulates politics and simulates decision-making related to leading the country.

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The subject of political simulation is not too rare in the game world. But to make it meticulously so that no one can blame anything, it can only be this game, Democratic Socialism Simulator.

Click on the icon of the game on your mobile phone, even you do not understand what happened, but immediately you will see “it looks familiar”. Democratic Socialism Simulator is designed according to the famous dating application Tinder’s interface and took a little bit from the classic game series Reigns (especially the graphics that make you don’t understand whether it is real or joking). This is the first impression that creates excitement for players. This feeling of half-seriousness and half-joking makes you go into a heated underground political war very gently, just like a wind.

But I’m not done yet, “anything can happen” in Democratic Socialism Simulator, for me, is the creation of “characters” in the Democratic Socialism empire. You play as the first President of the United States. It was clear from the name that it was an unmatched match between Socialism and Democracy, a novel and dissimilar platform that is sure to appear in the game.

And, most of all, you yourself, your allies, opposition, and political figures who appear in debates and power struggles are NOT people but are a group of animals who have been personified in a serious, polite, and very dignified way.

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This is a funny surprise that any player, whether you like to joke or be serious, or even if you are a politician, if you play a Democratic Socialism Simulator, you will not feel a little annoyed and sarcasm. I am really impressed and appreciate molleindustria. Collision and dissection of sensitive topics in a humorous way, who would be angry with this developer.

In the game, what is your mission?

As a new president, you will have to put a series of radical reforms to rebuild and strengthen our country’s new path. You will introduce tax reduction policies, economic restructuring, solving urgent social problems submitted by voters everywhere.

And regardless of any policy or path, you must consider it very carefully and think 7749 times. You need to choose policies that positively affect your country while not losing your voters’ trust. If voters and supporters do not trust you, consider your empire will eventually go bankrupt and lose seats on the council.

In the game, you have allies, opposing groups, and neutral groups. And you must keep in mind these 3 key points:

  • Whoever they are in these three groups will put the mindsets, benefits, and the direction they are pursuing first.
  • An opponent may suddenly support you, but you need to see through their true purpose behind that support.
  • Even your closest ally can oppose you in the most critical situations.

Running your country while dealing with all the opposing groups is something that even you have six hands is not sure to do. Well, now you understand why anyone who becomes president for a while will become old so quickly?

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Each round of wits takes about 20-30 minutes. And you can rest assured that the game never ends unless your policy goes to a dead end. Otherwise, the system has hundreds of policy options available and thousands of randomly generated simulations based on real-world political situations. Note that each situation can be solved in multiple ways, and each will have a different response and outcome. It all depends on your intelligence and bravery.

Should you play or not?

In the end, after playing for a while, I came to this conclusion myself. In fact, no matter what philosophical path to pursue, how to steer the regimes, or the political path, in the end, the pursuit of all people is “peace, happiness, and freedom”. But the main difference in thinking, thinking, the ego in each ruler is what makes political paths distorted, somewhere become the jungle law. Life is not like in games, and I am sure the political world is even more brutal and cruel than in this game.

Download Democratic Socialism Simulator APK for Android

Let’s download Democratic Socialism Simulator right away to experience the new feeling. Every day fighting monsters all the time, do you feel bored, guys?

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