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Deliver It 3D APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads) v1.5.0

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NameDeliver It 3D
Package Namecom.GoofyGamerGames.Pizza
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Deliver It 3D Unlimited Money
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Deliver It 3D MOD APK is an arcade driving game from the popular mobile game publisher VooDoo. You will be a delivery man, driving a truck carrying tons of large cargo behind roaming the streets and delivering them to their destination.

Introduce about Deliver It 3D

Have you ever wanted to deliver packages?


Deliver It 3D lets you be a delivery man. Starting with a ruined motorbike, a small package behind, a fairly short and only straight road, you will easily find the owner of the package, deliver it to him and receive the money.

But that cheerful ease only lasts for the first few stages. From levels 6-7 onwards, the delivery will be much more difficult. The parcels are getting bigger and bigger than the vehicle’s height and width, and the intersection is getting farther and farther, with more difficult turns and bends.

In particular, the flow of cars up and down was noisy and crowded around, they became more and more dense, running at a faster speed, without any lines. Forcing you to focus, crossing the street in just a split second before a truck slams into you before the bewildered eyes of the order owner.

From start to finish, your mission is simple: pick up and drop packages to customers where they’re waiting, to earn coins and level up. Accordingly, the control method in the game is also quite accessible:

  • Long press to drive
  • Release the brake
  • Avoid collision
  • Collect cash, continue to the next mission

Movements and controls in the game are smooth and responsive. Each level takes place in a very short period allowing you to enjoy every second without too much concentration, expertise, or sublime tactics at all.

What you need is to focus on driving the delivery van, getting to where you need to go and joy when the package is completed, or screaming out regret over being hit by a car in the middle of the road. Deliver It 3D skips all unnecessary frills towards clearing the mood and letting players live their emotions during the game.

Attractive game

It can be seen from the context of the pursuit of the theme and the control method during the game without any distractions or difficulties. So is the gameplay in Deliver It 3D easily repetitive and boring?

The answer is “Absolutely not”. Each level / each parcel will give you a different type of challenge. Sometimes it will be difficult for you to keep your balance, run the car and even stagger at a very slow speed because the package is too high, and it is still slightly tilted. Sometimes to get to the guest standing right across the street, you have to cross a highway full of cars speeding like crazy. At other times, there are many types of vehicles moving at the same time at different speeds, endlessly following each other.

What makes Deliver It 3D truly addictive is the abundance of challenging situations on the road. Many things can make you fall and not deliver the packages. You have to be very cautious, maximum caution, and not be allowed to be negligent even for a second.

Graphics and sound

Maintaining a friendly casual style like that now, the graphics in Deliver It 3D are very simple. You will still have the full figure of people, vehicles, traffic, packages, roads, and signs. But it’s all simplified with an emphasis on bright, energetic color schemes. This allows you to fully focus on the gameplay, driving, and delivering.

Comes with a streamlined, lightweight but highly addictive gameplay and fun sound, the positive energy from the graphics and background music that Deliver It 3D brings will make you a little happier after a short time relaxing with this game.

MOD APK version of Deliver It 3D

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads


You can upgrade, even your money is negative.

Download Deliver It 3D APK & MOD for Android

The topic is simple, drive through the streets, deliver goods, receive money, then deliver again… I thought Deliver It 3D would become boring through the levels but no, this game becomes more attractive after every level. Let’s download and play Deliver It 3D right away to get relaxing times.

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