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NameDeath School
Package Namestudio.genius.heisagakuen
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Death School MOD APK has a thrilling story that tells about you and three other high school students. You can download this game and write your own story.

Introduce about Death School

Death School is a simulation game inspired by anime movies. It has a pretty horror start story and you probably already felt this when you saw the name of the game. But, as a character in this story, would you be scared or interested in what I’m about to reveal below?


You are a high school student and lead a normal life like others. But then something strange happened, and it was the turning point of your life. A new student has just moved in, carrying a mysterious story that there is something bad around here. But everyone and you think she is an unusual person because she imagined too much.

One day, on the way back home, you realize you are trapped in the school, unable to return home and have a death curse. Fortunately, in this story, you are not alone but also other friends on your side.


Overall, the gameplay of Death School is simple. Players only need to choose the decisions of the characters when they appear on the screen. You will feel that the process of the game takes place like a story or an anime movie. Logic, drama, and curiosity. However, make no mistake that the developer built the story and told it to the player. By the decisions you make, they will influence your future.

There are many chapters in Death School. They take place one after the other, and you need to complete small episodes to unlock the next chapters. Each episode has a set sequence, and you will be able to continue writing your story if you and none of your friends are trapped. In the worst-case scenario, you have to start over again.

Your friends

Natsume, Meiko and Rei are your companions. It will be very boring if friends do not appear on the journey to decipher this curse anymore. You need to protect them from deadly traps and return home safely. Each of them has their own personality and advantages. Knowing them well will help you make more informed choices about your questions, answers or decisions.

Meiko, a beautiful girl, and also the mysterious character that I mentioned in the plot. She was the first to notice the strange things happening inside the school, about the evil forces that are putting people in this danger. Pay more attention to her words and actions.

Rei, the girl with an extroverted personality is known to be a wise leader. The opinions and advice she gives can help people return home.

In the end, Natsume, a girl who reads books all day. Is this knowledge really useful? Start the game, and search for answers.


Throughout the game are instrumental background music. If you comment on the quality aspect, perhaps you will feel how good they are right from the start. They are also constantly changing, based on situations to give players a more realistic feeling. The music is lively in fun scenes when friends talk to each other in the classroom. But also, quieter and more dramatic when people are having difficulties.

In terms of graphics, they have a bright tone. The characters are designed in a meticulous way, from shape to emotion. I read the reviews, and one of them said that the experience of this game was like they were writing an Anime movie.

Is there anything else to explore?

Oh, of course. Death School also includes a mini-game. In it, you can play the lucky spin game. How to play is designed quite simply. You only need to touch the screen three times, to complete one round. If the result is three numbers, words or characters that are the same. The reward is a chest containing points. If you want to get more, you can watch a promotional video to get 3 times more. Of course, this game is a free and unlimited number of turns.

So, another question arises as to what is Point used for? It is in exchange for a ticket, or purple diamonds. In it, the ticket is used to continue the story in case you are caught by bad guys or trapped (like the revival feature in role-playing games). And purple diamonds used to select Premium Choices. This means that you will not fall into a risky case.

MOD APK version of Death School

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices: Choose premium choices for free without diamonds. You just need to earn points by playing Mini-games and use them to buy Tickets.

Download Death School MOD APK for Android

Death School tells a horrifying story of four high school students. Thrilling to the extreme when it’s hard to predict what will happen in the future. What are you waiting for? Download this game and start exploring right away!

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