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Death Invasion: Survival APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.1.2

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NameDeath Invasion: Survival
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Download Death Invasion: Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money), you have a lot of money to buy and upgrade weapons.

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Introduce about Death Invasion: Survival

Have you ever imagined or dreamed of horrifying dreams about a zombie pandemic? Everything around is the still familiar scene where you live but no longer ordinary and familiar people. Instead, insensitive, lifeless zombies bring their hands forward as if to strangle your neck. Think about it, what will you do? Are you calm enough to resist them or give up and accept death? If you find this question too difficult, then why not try playing Death Invasion: Survival today?


Death Invasion: Survival is a world you imagine. The place where you live is a city occupied by Death. Weak people turned into zombies. They became more crazy and bloodthirsty than ever. Don’t be fooled by their pathetic and pitiful appearance. Being kind is incredibly stupid because they have lost their human emotions. All you need to do is equip guns and repel the hordes of zombies. There will be other reliable survivors helping you to survive to leave the town. Join with them, form a team to fight against the enemy.

Fight with your teammates

In the battle with undead, all those who have not been infected with a zombie virus can be great teammates. In the battles, they are willing to help and support you. In such a situation, solidarity is power. Let’s gather the survivors to form a team to rescue the world. Working together to formulate tactics. Believe in your teammates, maybe you will have a strong team like The Avengers.

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Kill the undead

In very large numbers and aggressive, you can hardly escape the zombie invasion. Killing them is more difficult. The most important thing is surviving to step back the pandemic. Death Invasion: Survival is quite special when playing in the 3rd perspective, a new transformation with the series of zombie shooting games. This gives a broad and broad view of the battles. Watch the most intense combat in the clearest way.

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However, to survive among the storm of the crazy zombies are not simple. Moreover, to survive, you need to have food, armed with weapons, fuel and generators. These items are located in the city centre, where thousands of zombies are concentrated. With a large force of enemies in the central districts, your team really has to stand by and coordinate well. Support firepower for teammates so they have enough time to open the door. If not, you will probably join the zombie club.


Death Invasion: Survival attracts players in a great arsenal. There are many necessary types of equipment. It’s understandable because, in addition to serving battles, they are essential for your survival. Besides necessities such as food, medicine, you can equip a helmet. It helps reduce damage when you are accidentally attacked. In addition, new zombies will drop important items. Collect them into backpacks and quickly escape.

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All are quite perfect, but the weapon system is the most remarkable. The weapons are diverse and bring their own features to serve each way of fighting. Many new and powerful guns for you to choose from. Each type of character possesses a separate weapon system. In addition to bullets, using grenades and mines is also an effective option to destroy doors and kill zombie groups. Collect as many weapon pieces as possible in the deadly journey and assemble into more powerful weapons.

It can be said that the weapon system is the pride of Death Invasion: Survival development team. In addition to weapons for normal battles, in the attack of zombies, you will need special weapons. Equip gloves to help your punch powerful and terrible damage. Use fists to fight giant and ugly bosses. Also, on the journey, you’ll catch some old tanks and fix it with your teammates. A tank capable of dealing damage as 10 heavy guns.

With a multi-functional weapon system, there will be plenty of effective tactics. But that depends on your creativity. But be assured, besides you, there are still smart and reliable teammates.

MOD APK version of Death Invasion: Survival

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in this game.


How to use the MOD version?

Play this game in offline mode only, or you’ll be redirected to Google Play instead.

The MOD version crashed?

Turn off the internet, try a few times until the game works.

Download Death Invasion: Survival MOD APK for Android

If you want a crazy shooting action game, Death Invasion: Survival is the right choice. Attractive 3D graphics, fierce battles, perfect weapons systems, really hard to find any point to criticize this game at all. Experience frantic battles with zombies, fight to protect innocent people.

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