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NameDear My Cat
Package Namecom.flerogames.AfterRain
PublisherWemade Connect
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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This dreamlike virtual pet simulation game Dear My Cat MOD APK is sure to melt all hearts. If you love cats and like the wonderful feeling of living with cats, you can’t ignore this game.

Introduce about Dear My Cat

Dream journey with a loving cat!

Dear My Cat is a virtual pet game. But the magic and shimmering feeling it brings makes you sometimes forget you are playing a pet game on mobile. There will be a long journey from choosing a lovely cat to bring home, spending beautiful days together, having countless memories of your travels, and the little house on the magical island you built for your beloved cat… Above all, Dear My Cat is not just a game, it’s a world of memories just for you and your cat.

Relax and raise beautiful dreams

At the beautiful Sky Island, one day, a cat suddenly came into your life. You can choose one of the adorable friends to adopt, give it a name, and begin your journey.

The whole game is designed with a background full of sweet pastel colors with gentle shapes. You always feel like you are lost in a pink dream, in which you and your beloved cat friend make an unforgettable romantic world.

A game like Dear My Cat is not only a cure for a broken heart (maybe your life is difficult, maybe you have just lost your beloved pet), but it is also a remedy for insomnia and anxiety. Dropping your soul into cute shapes and doing everything peacefully every day will help you reduce anxiety and relieve stress a lot.

The mellow background music in Dear My Cat also helps you relieve stress. Music can also change according to the season or the context, it’s up to you. The sounds are gentle, melodious, and the gameplay is super easy, and the images are so lovely. There’s nothing better than this stress reliever.

Dear My Cat is so suitable for you after a busy day. The more stressed you are, the more you should play Dear My Cat to balance your inner self.

Peaceful Sky Island world

Sky Island world is where you live, and also the ideal land for cats. You will need to build a separate house for cats in this dream world. By doing various things, gradually expanding the peaceful Sky Island, and unlocking new locations, you will slowly have an extremely attractive space.

While playing, you can also create new animals like dogs, whales, and pandas by unlocking new destinations. Each place that opens will have a different theme, setting, color, and character. We have hot springs, ramen shops, campsites, and more for you and your cat to explore.

You can freely change the theme of your island and decorate your place with lots of cute furniture, and you can visit your friends’ island. You can even make accessories for your small animal friends and expand the island to give them a larger, more comfortable place to live.

With a compact clicker mechanism, anyone can be the main character

Dear My Cat is exactly a beautiful idle game. It’s easy to play, easy to integrate, and easy to get addicted to. It offers an unprecedented tender experience. You will not feel any tension. Your mood will be much better, your heart is light, and your mind is more energetic after playing it.

Idleness is reflected in everything in the game. For example, you just need to control the cat to the right place, it will automatically continue to do the corresponding job without waiting for you to press the action button. When approaching a cactus, the cat will automatically scratch the cactus continuously until it disappears).

You can also easily collect adorable cats even while you do not hold the device. Your job is just to play the mini-games, solving puzzles to open new things. For the rest, just immerse yourself in the feeling of relaxation when observing the lovely little animals doing a series of too cute activities such as fishing, bonfire, taking a nap… Immersing yourself in the world of cute little animals will help you to calm down and really feel at peace.

Who should play Dear My Cat?

You should if you are an animal lover. You can play it if you want to have a pet but aren’t ready for the responsibilities and long-term commitment, or you have just lost your beloved pet and are grieving over it, or you are constantly worrying excessively about everything around you, or you are troubled by problems in your life…

If you fall into any of the above situations, you should download Dear My Cat to your device. Believe me, just watching its cuteness is enough to soothe your soul.

MOD APK version of Dear My Cat

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Dear My Cat APK & MOD for Android

Dear My Cat is a true healing game and well worth experiencing whenever you have time.

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