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Dawn of Zombies APK + MOD (Free Craft/Build) v2.175

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NameDawn of Zombies
Package Namecom.survival.last
PublisherRoyal Ark
MOD FeaturesFree Craft/Build
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Dawn of Zombies MOD APK (Free Craft/Build) is an online survival game released by Royal Ark.

About Dawn of Zombies

This game has top-down perspective gameplay with a zombie context. Currently, there are many such survival games. Survival games with zombie context often attract many players because this topic has a lot of content to exploit. Although there are the same purpose and context, each game brings players different stories. Delivery From the Pain has a great storyline, Last Day On Earth has beautiful graphics and varied gameplay. Publishers always try to bring the best possible experience to players.


After a nuclear disaster, radiation causes people to turn into zombies. This pandemic quickly spreads to all countries of the world. To gain life, you must fight against many enemies, including corpses, mutants, monsters, etc. Besides, other survivors are also unfriendly. In the boundary between life and death, they can do anything, even kill a stranger they don’t even know their name.

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In Dawn of Zombies, you play as the character Strider, a security guard. After waking up, you can’t remember who you are, or what happened. Before thinking about it, you need to find a way to survive in the apocalypse. Zombie everywhere. They are on the street, in supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, … Some lucky people are hiding in some secret buildings. Somewhere in the radioactive area, having an expert can help you regain your memory.


This game has the same gameplay as Last Day On Earth. The first thing to do in the zombie world is to build a strong base to keep you safe from zombies. It does not protect you 100%, but at least you have a safe enough place to sleep and store essential items. People need to rest and eat to ensure their bodies are healthy. But in this game, having a good sleep is impossible. Because zombies do not sleep. They are fearless, emotionless and tireless. If they know your position, they will attack until they die.

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In order to survive the apocalypse, you need to venture into the downtown area. This is a radioactive area and has a large population. They were all turned into zombies, only a few survived. Fight against zombies and absolutely don’t let them touch you.

This game has a mode to help you temporarily stealth. Zombies can’t find you when you’re hiding in the bush. Stealthily move and kill them.

Crafting weapons and equipment

There are very few weapons available out there. You need to collect materials such as wood, stone, … to make clothes, weapons and some special items. The game has many different types of clothes, from the clothes we wear every day to special clothes. Some armour can protect you from zombies. Some weapons that help you deal more damage with zombies or bazookas can blow dozens of zombies in a bullet.

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There are many ways for you to get the resources you want. You can explore areas of radioactive contamination, kill zombies or trade with other players. You can also find resources when visiting other players’ bases.

Survive with many other players

Dawn of Zombies is a multiplayer online game. You can work with them to build a solid base for everyone. On the apocalypse, you need all possible help. Zombies usually attack in large numbers. The more people, the more you will survive.

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But stay alert. Not everyone is good, and not every player wants to help you. Maybe they will attack you to steal the resources you have. In addition to fighting zombies, you must defend against mutants and bad online players.

MOD APK Version of Dawn of Zombies

This MOD will help you fight zombies better.

MOD features

  • Max LvL Craft
  • Free Craft
  • Free Build

Download Dawn of Zombies APK & MOD for Android

There is a lot to say about this game, but within the limits of an article, I can’t say it all. Overall, Dawn of Zombies is the newest and exciting survival game in 2019. If you are a long-time player of Last Day On Earth and want to find new experiences, this game is my suggestion.

Review & Discussion

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  • sanjeevbk70 avatar
    Sanjeev Kavanchur

    Its not comfortable game

  • daovanson27499 avatar
    Sơn Đào Văn

    Vẫn bị band hu hu, game hay nhưng cứ bị band z ad

  • www-166816681668 avatar
    amirmasoud rastegar

    Hello is this mod anti ban? Just for sure😀 Thanks

  • anshorimhafiz42 avatar
    Hafiz Anshori

    Can you make high demage mod and free trade mod

  • fudgerjoe avatar
    Joe Fudger

    Update pls thanks for your hard work we’ll wait. <3 apkmody

  • lunaticboss1712 avatar
    Loraine St Ledger

    Love this game, but with the recent update, it unlocks all items, but the free craft has vanished. Thanks for all your work

  • aloha-kiro avatar
    Muhamad Fikri Aidil

    Please fix it

  • jibrilajja10 avatar
    Jibril Ajja

    I like your mods, but can you make ability to duplicate item.

  • rambelmon123 avatar
    Bal Chand

    Update please… and give unlimited coin for energy.. thanks

  • adrien-mussi avatar
    Adrien Mussi

    Update 2.42 plz !
    Thanks !

    • ssul93215 avatar
      Sul Sul

      Please update to 2.50. Thanks a lot!

  • babalouai89 avatar
    louai sayed

    Please add items crafting without needed materials, or duplicate items options. Pleaseeee

  • masta avatar

    Please enable item craft, or maybe add the ability to duplicate objects

  • 77meenasunita avatar
    Sunita Meena

    This moded version only unlock all items but we cant craft them due to lack of resources. Please make infinite all type of resources so we can craft anything

  • melatisenja55 avatar
    Melati Senja

    Update 2.34 please

  • nimeleko avatar


  • tabaldodennis avatar

    Please enable item craft. Only house and fences

  • lovedance12864 avatar
    Thiên Quân

    Update 2.25, please (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

    • kejanggalanabadi avatar
      kejanggalan abadi

      UPDATE PLEASE MOD 2.33. ???????

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      It’s 2.33

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