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NameDawn Of Isles
Package Namecom.netease.hdjygb
CategoryRPG, Survival
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RequiresAndroid 4.2

Are you interested in exploring and adventuring to new lands? Are you looking for an attractive mobile adventure RPG? Welcome to the world of endless adventures in Dawn Of Isles APK. This is a game released by the well-known publisher NetEase Games, a game publisher that attracts players by quality games. From things like graphics to gameplay, they all create tremendous attraction every time they release new games.

Introduce about Dawn Of Isles

After the success of Quantum Special Attack, a new super product was born with the eagerness of players around the globe. Dawn Of Isles, a fascinating game that blends survival, MMORPG, adventure and craft. The game allows you to freely discover new things on the vast islands, create tools and learn the mysteries of ancient times.


Dawn of Isles opens up to be a large space in the Stone Age, where everything is unspoiled and starts from zero. Your task is to start a new life on the island. The first thing when you step on the island, you are surprised to see a wild beauty and wonderful landscape here. At that time, building a new life seems to be very interesting in such a perfect place. Nature there has rich beauty with many resources for life. Your job is simply hardworking and enjoying the beauty of this island.

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However, behind that beauty can be potential dangers. The prehistoric monsters are aggressive and cruel everywhere. They hinder and destroy life and the things you build. More specifically, each of these monsters carries mysteries about ancient cultures and mysterious sources of primitive power.

Build a new life

Before starting the game, create your own character with 4 available character classes, Ranger, Dancer, Fighter and Warmage. You can change the appearance of your character by editing details such as eyes, lips, face shapes, etc. In addition to having a super cool character, you have nothing. Everything you make is from your own hands. Create items such as picks and shovels, axes, … makes exploitation easier.

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From a pristine island to building a peaceful and worth living place, you will have to do a lot of things. Because it’s your life, be creative and build things you like. A hard journey, but with the love of life nothing is impossible.

Many interesting activities

The main goal in Dawn Of Isles is experience and discovery. Therefore, let build a rich life on this beautiful island. Cultivate and harvest agricultural products, send them to processing factories to create quality products. In addition to experience as a hardworking farmer, you also experience more interesting things. For example, create a specialized fishing rod and spend hours relaxing with fishing. Or it is the experience of being a chef with the processing of eye-catching dishes that make people drool.

Your life will be more fun when you have pets. You can discover many strange and strange pets in new lands and tame them. Nurturing, caring, and dancing with your pet in flower circles are fun activities. In particular, unleashing the pet’s ability with Pet Skills gives them extraordinary power. They are also useful for fighting enemies.

Besides, there are many daily tasks for you to complete. They are the guideline to ensure that you are on the right track. There are many quests from storyline missions to important side quests that you are not allowed to miss.

Fight with the enemies

Building your life in Dawn Of Isles is hampered by sly and brutal enemies. They are mysterious monsters in the forests you may encounter. It is worth mentioning that their power intensifies day by day. Compared to the animals you meet at first, the more they become. That requires you to strengthen your power to protect your life.

There are many ways for you to enhance your power in the Dawn Of Isles. You can create weapons and learn new skills for characters. Each class you choose initially will have different attributes and battle characteristics depending on your purpose. However, the source of breakthrough power is the combination of environment and elements such as fire, water, earth and wind. Each type will have a special skill. In particular, explore the great source of primitive power in Elemental Spirits. If you have that, you are an invincible warrior.

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With a combination of multiple sources of power, you can easily defeat monsters and other players.

3D graphics

Not owning too prominent graphics, Dawn Of Isles gives you a lighter feeling with vivid and colorful animation style. When you step into the very lively world of the game, you will feel like you are in a Japanese Ghibli animation movie. With shaped characters that are slightly anime-oriented, this is a novelty that few games have.

Download Dawn Of Isles APK for Android

Dawn Of Isles is a successful combination of many different game genres. That brings content and opens up a vast world where you have to spend a lot of time exploring and experiencing. You can explore together with many other players and help each other as neighbours. They are in neighbouring islands and are willing to interact with you.

A colorful world awaits you with countless wonders, fascinating and challenging mysteries. Not only are the experiences, but the game will also take you to this surprise to another. Ready for a long journey in this fantasy game!

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