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Dark Steel APK + MOD (Unlimited Energy) v0.5.4

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NameDark Steel
Package Namecom.darkcurry.darksteel
PublisherDark Curry
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Energy
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Dark Steel is a role-playing game for Android phones, released by Dark Curry on the Google Play store. Thanks to the beautiful graphics, the game soon received a lot of attention from gamers. And now you can download this game on APKMODY, immersive and adventurous in a vast fantasy world.

Introduce about Dark Steel

Choose your warrior

Just like other role-playing games, you can choose your character when participating in Dark Steel. Characters in Dark Steel are divided into three basic classes, including warrior, knight and assassin. They are introduced as powerful warriors, with the past as a slave. They represent the low class who are fighting against fate. You will be the one to carry out this noble mission, break the chains and destroy the tyrants.

Dark Steel gameplay

In general, the characters of each class possess special abilities. They can develop powers and unlock many new possibilities in the future. Choose your favorite class, start the fight and fight to overcome the fate of a slave.

An RPG game with realistic graphics

Dark Steel is considered one of the games with the most realistic graphics. Thanks to this, players will feel as if they were in the medieval era of Dark Steel, with the most unforgettable authentic experiences.

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Dark Steel is developed on the basis of advanced 3D graphics. The movement of characters and objects on the map is very smooth. The scene is depicted authentically, from the jungle areas, rock caves, or ancient strongholds. In general, the game has a dark color, representing the fate of unsaved slaves.

In addition, Dark Steel’s control system is also remarkable. You will play the character and control him from a third-person perspective. The panel is located in the bottom two corners of the screen, with icons corresponding to the actions. You can perform a slash or special skills of the character by pressing the corresponding virtual key.

Join the fierce 1v1 combat

Dark Steel’s fantasy world is quite large. You will, in turn, explore new areas, through forests, villages, seas and strongholds. Each place has enemies that you need to defeat, to continue to unlock new areas in the journey.

Most of the battles in Dark Steel are 1vs1. Although the amount is quite small, you should not be neglected. Your enemy is very strong. They are also warriors who are very well trained and experienced on the battlefield. They can even defend and dodge attacks with ease. And if you don’t master the control techniques or have a good enough combat strategy, you can be defeated in a short amount of time.

Develop your character through items and the upgrade system

Characters in Dark Steel are designed quite in detail. They have a system of levels, skills and equipment.

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In the levelling aspect, every time a character level up, he gets bonus points. You can use this to add to the character’s attribute points (strength, defense, speed, …). And as his level gets higher, he can unlock new skills and abilities, attack with higher damage, more critically.

Skills and abilities can also be upgraded. Their performance will increase gradually with level. The upgrade process costs a lot of money. But in return, you will have a lot more advantages when fighting the character.

In terms of equipment, you can equip your character with hundreds of types, from weapons, armor, hats, shoes, gloves, defense shields. Each type of equipment gives some attribute points and the ability to increase stats (as a percentage), giving the character more HP, higher damage, and better defense.

You can find equipment in the shop, or during a battle when your opponent drops it. Dark Steel also integrates the feature to upgrade and merge equipment. You will have to collect the material (black steel) and the required amount of equipment to do this process.

Face off against other players in multiplayer for weapons and armor, or team up with them in temporary events to defeat Guardian of the Tower.

Some modes you can play

Currently, Dark Steel has three game modes to choose from. The first is the main mode, CAMPAIGN. You will travel through fantasy worlds. The content is divided into different chapters. Each chapter has its own unique content and hundreds of powerful enemies you will have to face.

With MULTIPLAYER mode, you need an internet connection to connect with other real players in the system. Battles in this mode yield unique support items, weapons, and armor.

Finally, EVENT mode. Events will be continuously replaced. This place will challenge your combat ability. If you can win the battles you will get lots of loot! However, they are very difficult! So, please upgrade your character and team-up with your friends to increase your chances of victory.

MOD APK version of Dark Steel

MOD feature

Unlimited Energy

Download Dark Steel MOD APK for Android

Currently, Dark Steel is only available for select countries. And if you can’t install the game from Google Play, you can download it on our website. We have also released the MOD APK version of the game, which solves the energy problem for you. Thanks to that, you can play the levels many times without having to wait to recover energy.

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