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NameDance School Stories
PublisherCrazy Labs by TabTale
MOD FeaturesFull Game Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 6.0

If you’re not an extraordinary person, don’t let yourself be ordinary. The first lesson in my years of working is that dream is 1% of success, natural talent is 1%, and the remaining 98% is effort and perseverance. Those who have the ability and personality to pursue their passions and turn dreams into reality are not ordinary people. It’s worth living like that. If that’s your guideline, then again, awaken your heart and mind with the game Dance School Stories MOD APK that portrays resilience in a harsh subject: Dance.

Introduce about Dance School Stories

Everyone has their own dream. Don’t let the circumstances or some limitations or defects in the body prevent you from trying them. But of course, the process of turning it into reality and true success is more difficult than you think. As a dancer in Dance School Stories, you are dreaming of dancing on a big stage, standing under the spotlight, and being cheered by the passionate crowd. That dream burns within you, in every cell. And you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.


What you need to face is the Challenge of surpassing the competition in the dance school and then surpassing yourself. In the first Audition battle, you will fiercely compete with other girls in the school to win high scores from the Judges and get a ticket to the Special Dance class. With either of 2 dance schools (ballet or Hip hop), you need to dance hard and have a “trick” to attract all the attention of the teachers/ Judges.

Dance School Stories MOD by APKMODY

After the potential performance above, you are officially admitted to the Dance Academy. Let’s start choosing a class. You can take many skill classes at the same time, such as Ballet, Jazz, Latin dance, Hip hop, as long as you make sure to arrange your schedule neatly and reasonably.

A new rivalry begins. You will constantly have lessons, physical training, endurance training, special skills training. Getting involved in a wide range of outdoor activities in the Dance class and getting points little by little in these challenges will give you more opportunities in the future.

And, the eternal story comes again. When you try to focus all your energy and put all your heart into your studies and enthusiastically follow your dreams, a romantic love triangle appears. Sam, the hottest guy in the Academy is keeping an eye on you. And he is increasingly attracted because of your enthusiasm, passion, and strong personality. When your heart starts to flutter a little, you discover that Sam has a girlfriend, a cold, mysterious yet wonderful girl named Victoria. From here, Victoria is officially your 1-1 competitor in the Academy of Dance.

You are present in all small competitions. And then comes the most important battle which decides the perfect representative of the whole school to participate in the great national dance competition. Will be you or Victoria or someone else? And then, after all, is Sam’s feelings for you sincere, or is he just a pompous guy who gets bored quickly? Or will you realize the truth and become close friends with Victoria? Come to play the game, you will know it right away, saying it first is not fun.

Following and helping the main character realize her dream

The story is just that, the motif is not too complicated. But what excites me is the main character’s heart for her passion for dance. In the game, you will continuously practice the exercises from simple to complex and then progress to higher levels. Each of these exercises corresponds to a task in the game. It can be a difficult move assigned by the teacher to the whole group. Or it can be a teamwork exercise that requires teamwork skills or a small competition in the school.

Dance School Stories for Android

You will be guided through the in-game notes, and you just need to follow, practice, and succeed. Each successful performance, you will own new unique moves. The more beautiful and good moves there are, the higher the chances of winning will be.

Dreams must be approached comprehensively and worth the investment

To become a good dancer, you must practice many other things to perfect yourself. Choose sexy clothes that are attractive but also discreet enough to show off your body curves in competitions. Or schedule a daily workout that includes weightlifting, hula hoop, and indoor cycling… And most of the time, of course, spend hours of tireless workouts at the Academy’s dance studio.

Dance School Stories for Android

Once you have mastered a certain dance style, you will move on to the next. All of them are to prove to everyone: they have many reasons to choose you. Because you are shining as a true talent and a versatile future dancer. No genre can make it difficult for you. Players can even help the girl discover her amazing ability to mix seemingly unrelated genres: ballet on Hip hop music, jazz dance with ballet step… It is so interesting, isn’t it?

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It is such a role-playing simulation game with beautiful visuals. You can live a truly meaningful life. Play the game and think about what you can do with your youth and the future ahead. I’m sure, like me, you will relive the dreams you have forgotten. What are you waiting for? Get up and do everything for your dreams! 

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