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Cyberika APK is a new game project from developer Kefir, featuring an role-playing and action-specific style for the Android phones.

Introduce about Cyberika


Cyberika continues the stories of the Cyberpunk universe. In this world, you are a mercenary, just arrived in a city called Bradbury Complex to perform the duties of the commander. This city has been taken over by evil forces and monsters, you must chase them away so everyone can continue their normal life.

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When the game starts you can create your desired character and give him a name. Cyberika provides a detailed panel, allowing you to adjust your appearance, skin, hair color, hairstyle and clothes.

This is an action game with a third perspective. You can move around in the city via the virtual D-Pad key on the left side of the screen, use items, help or attack enemies with the action keys on the right corner of the screen.

During the game, you will receive items and weapons. They are an important part of the game, giving the character more power to overcome challenges.

In addition, Cyberika provides you with a car. You can use them to quickly navigate to different points on the map.

The task system

Cyberika is being developed towards the open world, but it is not completed yet. Therefore, you will spend most of your time doing tasks.

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The game has a rather diverse mission system. The system will guide you to know what the goal is at each point. You will have to learn to do it, instead of asking for help or guidance from the system. There are two useful things to help you out, the miniature map and the car. You can grasp the direction of movement, the obstacles that are on the way and get where you want to go quickly. When you complete the mission, you will receive corresponding rewards, including money, experience, and items and equipment.

Sometimes, your tasks are intimately related to network devices and computer systems. The necessary data has been stored inside it, you need to start it up if you want to use it. However, most of them were damaged. You must search for the respective item types, then install and repair. There have been many comments on this factor. They said that this is Cyberika’s creative point, making the game more noticeable.


Besides story mode, you can join Co-op, PVP and Clan Battle mode.

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In addition, the developer also revealed that the cyber wars in Cyberika are continuously happening. Of course, their scale is more intense. Careless players can be imprisoned in prisons.


Besides the aforementioned equipment, Cyberika also has a system of other support items. You can check them out inside the store. Available packages include firearms, credit cards, health foods and accessories. You can buy them with coins.

In addition, you can also buy new characters. They have higher attribute points than default characters and unique combat skills. Street Fighter and Neon Beast are warriors who are most interested in.


Not only good gameplay, Cyberika also has a good graphics background. The objects in the game are designed in detail. The game also allows you to adjust the game frame rate from 30fps to 60fps. Thanks to that, low profile devices can still experience smoothly.

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Kefir has become famous for creating some popular games like Frostborn, Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival, and Last Day on Earth. They are also known to be among the first to bring survival-style games to the Android platform. After a long hiatus, Kefir got fans excited with the release of Cyberika – the game considered a spinoff of Cyberpunk 2077. But Cyberika also has many new features that are worth considering. It is considered a revolutionary game, with a fictional theme about the dangerous cyber world. You can download Cyberika for free here to explore its content.

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