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PUBG-style survival games are creating a big win on every platform. Rules of Survival, Fortnite Mobile or Fortcraft are all very successful names even if they are only released in a short time. Netease – RoS and Fortcraft’s publishers have had too much experience in this segment of the game, which is why they are actively exploiting the market share of multi-player survival games. Although they have a lot of products, Cyber Hunter APK still will be published on the iOS and Android platforms with the belief will create a new.

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Introduce about Cyber Hunter

New storyline

Cyber Hunter tells the story of the human world in the near future, as the development of AI technology and quantum cells has reached maturity. These technologies have opened up a quantum world, and a series of events have taken place there. You can become the Celestial Wanderers, who represents Justice or Zero, a hunter in the tech world. Each character in the world of the game has a superpower of their own, they have the ability to control Quantum Cube energy to serve their purposes…

The gameplay is learned from other games

Project Battle gameplay

Based on last-man-standing gameplay, Cyber Hunter is a combination of many elements such as survival, shooting, construction and tactics. This is expected to create a whole new gaming experience in the context of having too many similar games in the way that PUBG is doing and succeeding.

At the start of the fight, you and 99 other players will be dropped from the plane to a deserted island of the quantum world. You will have to collect weapons, equipment and emergency items in random buildings on the island. The purpose of this collection is to have enough power against the other players, all for the purpose of becoming the last survivor.

Project Battle weapons

Do not forget to collect Quantum Cubes during the migration. They will help you create your own defence, set traps, radar forges and many more. Quantum Cubes can be easily collected by disrupting the various objects on the island. In terms of this feature, it looks like Cyber Hunter has learned from the giant: Fortnite Mobile.

Weapons and vehicles

Project Battle gameplay 2

You can move by jogging or using moving vehicles that appear randomly. They will help you move faster through buildings, run better and be able to use as a powerful weapon to hit the unlucky enemies you discover. Do not be subjective, the sound emitted from these moving means can attract your enemies.

Project Battle apk download

The weapons system in this game is made quite new and fancy. Of course, with a creative story, the weapons system must be more creative. It is a new generation of weapons based on quantum energy, with powerful power. A variety of weapons are available on the island and you can own them during the game.

Fortnite-style Design

Project Battle main character screen

The design style of Cyber Hunter is not nearly as new. Probably Netease took advantage of the Fortcraft engine to make this game. I am really surprised that Fortcraft has not officially launched, Netease has developed a new game to add to their collection.

Still, a style borrowed from Fortnite, bright and less bloody and gloomy like RoS. However, this game is still in beta so many details are not perfect yet. You can contact the support team to make their game more graphical.

Download Cyber Hunter APK for Android

Cyber Hunter is an official name of Project: Battle. Get ready to participate in this new survival game by download Cyber Hunter APK through the links below.

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