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NameCurvy Punch 3D
Package Namecom.studio501.curvypunch3d
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Upgrade the power of boxers easily and quickly with Curvy Punch 3D MOD APK (Free Upgrade) version. Download the MOD version via the links below the article.

Introduce about Curvy Punch 3D

Most of the products that VOODOO brings have a special feature. If you’ve ever experienced Rolly Legs, Tower Run, Scribble Rider or Bullet Rush!, you are probably looking forward to this publisher announcing new products, to dispel the boring times. Curvy Punch 3D is the result of VOODOO’s hard work. You will soon feel excited when experience it.

The new gameplay

Curvy Punch 3D has gameplay like boxing games. You play as a gladiator, with the aim of defeating all opponents on the arena to become the champion. However, the game is only simulated and entertaining, not bloody scenes as you might think.

At the start of the battle, you just need to swipe on the screen to launch the attack. Swipe straight forward for a head-on punch, or swipe left/right for an arc punch.

The character’s arms are very long, so you don’t have to move close to the opponent. When you strike, the punch will fly straight to the enemy position and injure him (if he doesn’t move to dodge, of course). And just like you, he has a finite amount of health. When it is exhausted, you win.

I played that way during the first 30 levels. Until then, obstacles appeared denser and I thought of applying them to push my opponent off an arena. This is really effective, it helps me get through 30 more levels quickly.

As you can see, there are many ways to win in Curvy Punch 3D. And the combination of those factors makes the game unique when combining action with strategy. In the next part of the article, you will have a better look.

Obstacle or support item?

There are many stone blocks in the arena. Initially, I thought that they actually hinder the battle, obscuring my vision and deflecting my punches. However, that is not entirely correct. They are correct only when the block/obstacle is fixed and cannot be moved.

In the remaining cases, you can punch the obstacle, indirectly push the enemy down a cliff or cause him to fall to the floor. At that time, he could not defend, nor attack, and it was a great opportunity for you to win.

When encountering fixed obstacles, you can choose it as a defense point, move closer to make the opponent unable to attack. Then, you perform fast round punches and dominate.

In addition, the arena of Curvy Punch 3D has another support item. It’s Punch – super powerful punch. When you notice Punch’s presence, you can punch it, instead of punching your opponent. Punch will do it for you, sending him off the arena instantly. It’s easy, isn’t it?


Skills and tactics are not enough for you to go further in the journey to win the championship in Curvy Punch 3D. You need a comprehensive upgrade, in terms of strength, health, and attack range.

There are three upgrades in the game, including Strength, Health, and Stretch. Before starting the match, an upgrade system appears on the screen, and you just need to touch the part you want to upgrade.

So what if you don’t upgrade? Perhaps, you will see immediate results against an opponent at level 100. He is agile, punches you with a punch and makes you fall because of your low health.

In other cases, when the opponent moves away and attacks you in a position you cannot counterattack. You too soon fail and have to replay that level. Then you may wish that, if your Stretch (attack range) was a little higher, you might have turned the tide.

In general, upgrading is an essential element against strong and smart opponents. And you also spend most of your bonus on this feature.

MOD APK version of Curvy Punch 3D

MOD feature

Free Upgrade: All three in-game upgrades cost $ 0. You can upgrade as much as you want.

Download Curvy Punch 3D MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for a game to entertain your free time, you have found it. Curvy Punch 3D will make you feel relaxed for hours, with just a few swipes and touches on the screen. A fun action game with no elements of violence.

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