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Summary about Cube Monster 3D 4.6 APK

NameCube Monster 3D
Latest Version4.6
Size27 MB
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 9.0


Since childhood, I like Pokemon and Anime, the manga about them. Then I often find games that allow us to search, gather the animals in the virtual world. So today we will review a new pet game. It’s Cube Monster 3D, a game released by Gamobi. Unlike other MMORPGs, this game is quite fun and has many unique features. Features of the virtual pet game will put you on an adventure in the fantasy world with a lot of special animals for you to be able to gather and train.

Start exploring the game

Cube Monster 3D apk

Cube Monster 3D will bring you memories of some famous games like Digimon or classic Pokémon. They have some similarities from graphics to gameplay. Basically, the idea is quite similar: collect the creatures in your collection, then train them and fight them with the other player’s pet squad. In each phase, you will discover more mysterious stories and some hints to complete the adventures in the fantasy world.

When you first play Cube Monster 3D you will have to pick the first one with some monster such as Bomboozle, Sparrower, Puppero with three corresponding attributes that are Natural, Fire and Water. Then you’ll start the journey from Furui Town, then explore Kokougan City, Sky City, Hana Town and more. Cities will have areas like Arena, monster blocks, etc. When you first play, the first thing you need to do is to do the tasks to increase the EXP to level up, through the levels will gradually appear new features like transport, PVP, mount, …

Train your monsters

Cube Monster 3D gameplay

In Cube Monster 3D you will have to collect different types of pets, and they have different attributes with different skills. Then you need to train them, turn your creatures into warriors. When they are strong enough, let play PVP matches against other players around the world. In order to be able to fight the enemy, in addition to training the pets, you will have to arrange a diverse combat team, suitable for their infinite possibilities. Initially, you will have 3 free positions, after you reach the certain level will be able to unlock more positions. The game has amazing numbers of monsters with more than 300 species corresponding to many different elements.

Cube Monster 3D monsters

The battle in the game mainly in the form of turn-based, you have to observe and carefully calculated the strengths, weaknesses of you as well as the enemy to be able to optimize the power. The gameplay system is very simple. When it comes to your turn choose the skills of any pet and then watch them fight. Each time they evolved, their power was increased dramatically. A trick when challenging is that you should choose competitors who are equal or weaker than you. Do not fool yourself into picking up strong opponents because they can kill your whole team with one turn.

Japanese Anime style graphics

Cube Monster 3D graphics

The graphics make I think about an anime Japanese, with a simple 3D design with many colors, the animals in the game are designed like the Pokemon. In particular, I feel quite impressed by the effects in the game, when playing Cube Monster 3D make me overwhelmed by the beautiful skills in each game.

Download Cube Monster 3D

For gamers who like Pokemon or other game in the same genre, you should not ignore Cube Monster 3D. Not just a game, a lot of thrilling tours and many mysteries are waiting for you to discover. The game is available for free download on both iOS and Android operating systems, which you can download via the links below the article.

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