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Crazy Dino Park MOD APK 2.04 (Unlimited Coins)

Infinite Dreams
NameCrazy Dino Park
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PublisherInfinite Dreams
Version2.04 (build 100878)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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Please download Crazy Dino Park MOD APK version (Unlimited Coins) via the link below the article to have a lot of coins. It will give you a lot of advantages during the game play.

Introduce about Crazy Dino Park

You know, dinosaurs are aggressive creatures, with large bodies and long gone to extinction. However, technology is increasingly developing, even able to revive extinct organisms thanks to their genetic samples and DNA. Do you want to be an archaeologist, looking for fossils and revive the dinosaurs? Crazy Dino Park is a great environment to do that. You can even build a park to display your achievements for everyone to see! Let’s take a look at this game together!

Find dinosaur fossils

In Crazy Dino Park, your goal is to excavate and build the dinosaur park. The excavation positions are already game set, you just need to move there and do your job.

However, to go to the sites of an excavation expedition, you must pay a certain amount in advance. This amount is quite cheap initially, about 50 to 100 coins. Depending on the level, the coins gradually increase over time. And once you get into the excavation, you simply swipe around on the screen to remove the top layer of soil. Look for fragments of fossils that are scattered across the ground, then pick them up and attach them to pre-existing excavation blueprints.

Often times, the number of fossils found is not enough to fill the blueprint you have. Because they can be hidden in geological layers deeper in the earth. Therefore, you must destroy rocks or other geological layers at the excavation to find the right fossils. Unfortunately, the tools to break the rock are only available for three rocks, so if after destroying the three rocks you still haven’t found all the fossils, the expedition is considered a failure, the money you spent earlier will be recovered by the system.

The level of blueprints used during the excavation of dinosaur fossils will gradually increase. Therefore, you may have to dig many times to perfect them. Don’t hesitate if you have to play again, everyone will make mistakes before they truly become an expert!

Build a beautiful Jurassic park

Once the blueprints are complete, you will return to the park to revive the dinosaurs based on the fossils found. A kind of elixir will help you perform this revival. Therefore, that is not something to worry about, instead, you need to focus on building the barn to keep them. The respective areas are already defined in Crazy Dino Park, you just need to earn money to unlock them.

In addition, you can also build more buildings, decorative items to turn the park into an attraction for visitors. Thanks to that, you can earn more coins through ticket sales and bonuses from them.

Revive the dinosaurs

Crazy Dino Park has a lot of dinosaurs. You can explore their shapes, features, or how they work as you unlock more game content.

Most dinosaurs can be revived when you collect enough fossils of them, such as the head bones, limbs, and ribs. But you can also breed them through the lab. This will produce the eggs but need the right resources such as DNA samples and corresponding fossil samples.

In addition, Crazy Dino Park also has an arena for dinosaurs. Create the most ferocious and powerful warriors, bring them to the arena and defeat other dinosaurs. You can attract viewers and make a lot of money!

MOD APK version of Crazy Dino Park

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: Coins increase as you spend.

Download Crazy Dino Park MOD APK for Android

Crazy Dino Park is gentle and very easy to play puzzle game. The developer also regularly organizes events for you to participate, compete for achievements and win valuable rewards. And finally, you can compete with other players in PvP mode.

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