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Currently, there are countless game titles in the genre of auto-runner, including some of the more prominent titles like Template Run 2, Vector 2, etc. And what is the secret to being a featured game in countless games? It must be something really different. I am very interested in reviewing unique, fancy and interesting game titles. And the name that I will bring to you today is a product of Appsolutes Games which called “Crashbots“. Adventure combined with action, Crashbots is much more complex than most other games of the same genre, and although it’s not as complex as Rayman, there are still plenty of exciting things for you to experience.


Summary about Crashbots APK

Latest Version1.1.1
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
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At the start of the game, you will control a robot while it is running inside a warehouse which filled with obstacles and what you need to do is be flexible enough to dodge the obstacles out. The game will allow you to control the robot as you like, you can move left and right on the road, and you can shot, slide and jump over things you can not dodge.

Interesting and simple gameplay


With fun controls in the game, you can show all and not limit your agility. When the game starts, your robot will automatically move forward, you just have to watch the movement of your robot to avoid obstacles along the way, it can be thorny spikes, big trees, 10000 volts power grid, things that can ruin your robot.

Try to destroy the enemies who want to harm you with the power and the weapons that were equipped before with the operation on the mobile screen and the available skills. So you need to focus all if you want to win. The game has 80 different levels challenging you, the difficulty of each level will increase after each time you complete the game. So this is not an easy game, and you will take some time to grasp the gameplay and get used to the fascinating gaming world you are in. However, it is not a bad thing, because if you are coming to Crashbots and expect an enjoyable experience then Crashbots will not disappoint you.

Unlock power-full robots

crashbots 2

In Crashbots, there are a lot of interesting robots for you to own, but before getting them, you need to unlock them to use them. By destroying the mysterious boxes when you join the game, you have the opportunity to get more robot parts, items needed to unlock the robot you have not got. Collect all to explore other robots.

There is a problem that is how to make your robot stronger? Do not worry, the game has a system that enhances the power of the robot: energy, armor, weapons and other equipment. You can collect them through mysterious boxes or buy them from in-game stores. Upgrades will require coins.

Mission system, ranking achievements with attractive rewards

In addition, Crashbots has more than 100 progressively numbered missions for you to complete, you will know in detail what you need to do if you click on the star-shaped quest below the screen. The amount you get will also increase the higher the difficulty level when you perform.

crashbots 3

There is a “compare score” tab, when you open them you can see your achievements and friends achievements, it will show your relative position with other players and specific points you have. Achieve higher positions by completing missions. In addition, you can see the exciting rewards that you will receive when completing them. So do your best to win these attractive prizes.


In short, Crashbots is an exciting game for both gameplay, graphics, and the actions at high speed. The combination of genre auto-runner and action will bring players to exciting levels. 80 levels, 5 different robots waiting for you to explore. Game support for both Android and iOS, you can download the game via the link below:

Download Crashbots for Android (APK)

  • Crashbots for Android APK - v1.1.1

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