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Package Namecom.nexon.counterside
PublisherNEXON Company
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Are you ready to save the world in the latest game of Nexon? Download COUNTER: SIDE APK today and join the heroes in fighting alien monsters.

Introduce about COUNTER: SIDE

COUNTER: SIDE is an action RPG (ARPG) released by Nexon. In fact, we already knew the first information about this project when it was announced at the GSTAR event in 2018. After two years of development, the game was officially released on February 14 on apps store. Currently, the game is not available on Google Play and the App Store. You can download the latest version of the game via the APK file below this article. But before that, let me find out why this game attracted a large number of players interested in the first appearance.


When talking about COUNTER: SIDE, it is impossible not to mention its graphic part. As soon as some of its first images were published, the game conquered the hearts of millions of Anime-loving players thanks to images simulated like the hit anime series. Through the image below, you can find the 2D image of the game very impressive. When fighting, the character’s skills have eye-catching effects.

COUNTER SIDE graphics 1024x489

In terms of graphics in general, Nexon has never disappointed players. Their latest game has the same development team as Elsword. The image of the game is very sharp. The frame rate at 60 fps. You can adjust it to 30 fps to improve performance if using low-end devices. In addition, the game allows you to customize some advanced customizations to help the game fit your device.


COUNTER: SIDE tells about the war between mankind (Watch Counter) and alien creatures. They want to invade the planet and destroy the human world. You will accompany the warriors to protect the Earth from mysterious creatures. Not only fighting, but you will also be immersed in an adventure in a fantasy world. Assuring you that the plot of the game will take you from surprise to surprise. Can you complete your mission to protect the planet?


Basically, COUNTER: SIDE has turn-based action gameplay. You do not need detailed control for a character but instead, your role is wider and bigger. Like a commander of the Earth army, you summon characters in the game by placing their cards on the screen and destroying the monster’s base. You need to care about your energy bar. Every time you want to draw a card, it consumes some of your energy. If you don’t have enough energy, you need to wait for it to be full if you want to continue summoning characters.

COUNTER SIDE gameplay 1024x489

Either way, protect your base at all costs. If you let monsters cross the line and destroy your base, the game will be over. In addition to summoning cards, you can call some special skills on the battlefield. You can only use those skills once in a battle, so think carefully before deciding to use it. It can change the battle quickly in critical situations and bring you the last-minute victories.


The choice of character greatly affects your tactics. Combining several characters together will create eye-catching combos and create a tremendous amount of power. The characters are divided according to a number of roles in the squad such as tanker, gunner, gladiator, support … Besides, you can put some gun turrets or cannons to attack enemies from afar.

COUNTER SIDE screenshot 1024x489

COUNTER: SIDE allows you to unlock and upgrade your characters to increase strength. When unlocking the cards, you are allowed to use it in the match. I bet you, you will be charm the first time you play this game. The characters are all beautiful and sexy anime girls. Who knows, you might find your “waifu” after playing this game.

Good task system

Besides the plot, you can complete daily missions to receive gold, gems and many other rewards. A series of rewards and achievements are waiting for you to unlock. Do not miss!

Hardware requirements when installing COUNTER: SIDE APK

  • RAM: 2G or up.
  • Memory requirement: 2G or up.
  • Internet requirements: Yes.
  • Android: 5.0+

Download COUNTER: SIDE APK for Android

If you love Anime, you can’t miss COUNTER: SIDE. With an attractive combat system, many missions, character-level systems, you will immerse yourself in the world of anime characters and join them in protecting the world.

Currently, the game supports only the Korean language. The global version of the game is expected to be released in the next few days. Follow APKMODY every day to get the latest COUNTER: SIDE news. If you love this game, please leave a comment below the article.

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