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NameCosmo Duel
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For a long time, I have not reviewed a puzzle game. Besides the action games, racing games, tactic games, … the puzzle game has never been outdated, always receiving a lot of the player’s favorite. There are some games like Ferdinand: Unstoppabull, Angry Birds Match, or especially Candy Crush Saga. Cosmo Duel is also such a game. This is a product of the publisher GAMEVIL and was developed by Kong Studios. This game is completely new and has unique content. Immediately after playing, I played four hours without being bored. I don’t say more, let review Cosmo Duel.

Match-3 gameplay

Cosmo Duel gameplay

Cosmo Duel has a familiar Match-3 gameplay. The gameplay is relatively simple. Connect three or more blocks of the same type into a horizontal row, or a vertical line. It will disappear, and you will get points. Not only that, every time you connect four or more blocks, you can create many beautiful combos. Release energy, create a huge explosion in the universe. In the first few levels, you only need the points that the game requires to be able to win. However, the higher the level, the game has many difficult tasks, requiring you to play multiple times can pass.

Each star has a different function. You can explore while experiencing Cosmo Duel. In this game, your strategy and computing power are very important. Since each level limits the turn, you must ensure that you pass the level with the fewer turns as possible. Overall, Cosmo Duel is an easy game, but it’s hard to win.

At first, you had an avatar. The game has 8 different avatars for you to unlock. They are all special creatures in the universe, maybe Uranus, Golem, etc. Each avatar has a different skill. They will use special skills at any time in the game. These special skills have saved me many times, helping me win many difficult levels. In addition, you can also unlock special skills and costumes for your avatars.


Cosmo Duel gameplay 2

Two main modes of the game are PvP and PvE. In PvE mode, you must pass over 100 challenging levels of Cosmo Duel. These puzzles are very interesting, requiring you to take a lot of gray matter to pass. When playing this mode, you can explore the colorful universe.

Of course, PvP mode is the place where you challenge other players around the world. Space battles are highly tactical. Unlike PvE, this mode limits time. So you have to make the decision as quickly as possible. Win many opponents, climb the highest ranking in the ranking of the Cosmo Duel. Especially, you can chat and show emoticons to other players.

Simple design

Cosmo Duel avatar

As soon as you step into Cosmo Duel, appear before your eyes is a magnificent scene, brilliant. The universe in the game colorful. Pets are cute. The graphics of the game are carefully made and detailed, suitable for all ages. The interface of the game is simple, easy to familiarize. Although not too excellent, you can be satisfied with the graphics of the game.


Cosmo Duel is a unique puzzle game. If you love puzzle games, you have to try this game once. After all, the game is completely free. We must thank GAMEVIL for this. You can download Cosmo Duel to your phone via the links below the article:

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  • Cosmo Duel for Android APK - v0.5.78

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