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Coromon APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v0.6.10

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Coromon MOD APK is a turn-based strategy role-playing adventure game with classic Pixel graphics. In the game, you are a heroic teenager of the organization Lux Solis whose mission is to find and collect mysterious Coromon creatures to form a powerful army.

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Coromon: Adventure and collect mysterious creatures

Coromon’s deep and engaging plot

Coromon is a game based on the classic Pokemon game that everyone knows. It started in a land named Velua. Here, people and mystical animals called Coromon live peacefully and happily together. Then one day, naturally, 6 Titans arrived. Titan has a lot of power, always intending to break Velua’s inherent order. With an evil nature, the Titans wanted Velua to sink into war and death.

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And to deal with these Titans, a secret organization was born, called Lux Solis. This is a gathering place for heroic teenagers from many different places. They plan to gather powerful Coromon creatures, and train them to fight the Titans. In Velua there are more than 120 different species of Coromon. You can cross two species to create a hybrid with superior strength over both parents.

The plot is deep, but gameplay is quite easy

Players will play as one of the members of the organization Lux Solis. You will be tasked with finding, taming and training as many Coromon as possible, and help them become a powerful army. Side by side with other heroic teenagers to destroy Titan. You can split your army by properties and damage to fight each specific Titan.

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Because the plot is very important, so you spend a lot of time watching the dialogues of characters and animals in the game. Follow the instructions, touch to choose the things you want. Coromon has a turn-based strategy gameplay. If you’ve ever played Pokemon games, you won’t feel alienated from this gameplay. In the battle, you just need to choose the skills of each Coromon to fight. Overall, the game is very easy to play, nothing difficult to understand.

The fun not only about Coromon and Titan

But also everywhere throughout the game. As when you start playing, knowing who your character is, you can choose clothes, hair, accessories, and even go to a barbershop to make up. I find this funny, but I bet many of you like this part.

The land of Velua has many small locales, which are also arenas. The space, landscape, color and terrain are also constantly changing, giving you new experiences. You will meet interesting NPCs, have the opportunity to collect rare Coromon with superior strength.

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Next is about Coromon. They’re still just pixel image, of course, but you can clearly see species characteristics, color, and strength scores. Each Coromon has a different capture method, and you should capture as many Coromon as possible. This diversity is the core attraction in the game.

Along the way, we not only focus on collecting Coromon and fighting Titan, but also assigned to countless different quests in the form of puzzles or small challenges similar to the classic Pokemon game. Solving these challenges, you will have more points or more tools to capture Coromon more easily.

Graphics and music awaken the kid in you

Anyone who used to love the PixelArt style in old console games will definitely love Coromon. The designers worked hard to create 120 Coromons. Although they are only pixel images, but still fully show the lines, shapes, and features of each original species in that Coromon.

Besides the PixelArt graphics that reminded me of my childhood, I also really appreciate the music in the game. There are a total of more than 50 tracks integrated in each segment and situation in the game, making players extremely excited.

MOD APK version of Coromon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

How to use?

Note, you need to play the saved game in slot 0 to have a lot of money.

Download Coromon MOD APK for Android

Currently, the game is still being tested, not officially released on Google Play. You can download Coromon MOD APK via the link below to experience this game.

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