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Farm game is too old, be ready to join a game combine farm and restaurant management, where you will be a farmer and a real businessman. This game is developed by Flowmotion Entertainment and is free for Android and iOS devices. It’s Cooking Country – Design Cafe, this is not a simple farm game, nor a restaurant management game and simple cooking, it is a great combination and you will experience both 2 categories in a single game.


Summary about Cooking Country – Design Cafe APK

NameCooking Country – Design Cafe
Latest Version1.2.13
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3, iOS 7.0
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Cooking Country – Design Cafe takes you on a long journey, where you will have great responsibility for growing different crops, taking care of your farm animals to create your own farm products. You can then directly use these products as materials for your own restaurant, where you will cook the best food for your customers.

Restaurant management

Cooking Country Design Cafe 2

When you enter the game, you will be taken to your own restaurant. Customers will come and demand certain dishes, your task is to cook these dishes on time for customers to your profit and expand your business model. At first, your restaurant has only one serving table, after having enough money, you can expand the business model by buying additional tables and chairs, new food processing machines …

Besides, do not forget to decorate your restaurant and add a lot of new dishes to the menu to attract a lot of new customers. When the restaurant is cramped, you can expand the area of the restaurant to accommodate more service tables, more processing machines, and more decorative items.

Cooking Country Design Cafe

Not only expanding the restaurant, you also have to upgrade the buildings in the restaurant. The upgrades will help reduce processing time, increase the amount of money and reward exp with other benefits such as increasing the stock of raw materials.

Build your farm

Cooking Country Design Cafe 3

Located next to your restaurant is your own farm. There you have to cultivate crops and pets to collect the ingredients for your own restaurant. In other words, Cooking Country – Design Cafe is a self-sufficient game.

As with other farm games, Cooking Country – Design Cafe will provide you with a number of fields, and you will have to sow seeds and water to grow crops until they can be harvested. It will take a while. In addition, you will need to take care of the farm animals such as chickens and dairy cows as they will provide eggs as well as milk for you.

All farm produce will be kept in storage until you need them. There is a certain limit to your farm stock. And to be able to store more, you need to upgrade it by collecting enough ingredients that the game requires.

Visiting friends’ restaurants

When you have an Internet connection, you can visit your friends’ restaurants to see how they are doing business, help them some simple work and get EXP. Of course, you will have to make friends with them through the social network Facebook to be able to visit, because of the game sync data via your Facebook account.

Light graphics

Gentle and lively, that is what is simple and most prominent when talking about Cooking Country – Design Cafe. The details of the game are designed in a cute way, just like any other farm game in the world. The sound in the game is quite exciting but when you open the max volume sometimes it feels pretty painful for the ears.

Should you download Cooking Country – Design Cafe?

Cooking Country – Design Cafe offers a more enjoyable experience when you’re not just managing a farm, it’s more about having a restaurant that needs your management. The game has a level system that you can know the level of success in the game itself.

Generally, in the free time, Cooking Country – Design Cafe is a really entertaining game. Game support for both iOS and Android. You can download the game from the link below, there is a version of APK Mod full money for you.

Download Cooking Country – Design Cafe for Android (APK)

  • Cooking Country for Android APK - v1.2.13

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