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Construction Set APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.4.10

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NameConstruction Set
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Construction Set MOD APK from SayGames Ltd will give you wonderful moments of gentle relaxation with magical Lego blocks.

Introduce about Construction Set

Construction Set is a collection of magical colored blocks that bring so much joy. And you, the player, are the creators of all things.

Happiness from color blocks

Talking about Lego is talking about a whole childhood. I don’t know when the pleasure of assembling and building tons of fun things from those magical colored blocks did come into my life. But until I really understand and play it, I only think about the happiness it brings.

Do you know the concept of pixels? This world was originally made of small squares. Hundreds, thousands, millions of square blocks combined to form a part of the world. And what if we are the ones who hold the art of such construction? Lego players are happy because they can create everything they want and build all the beautiful wonders from the first colored bricks.

And if the Lego sets you already have are still not enough, you can choose to play a Lego game on mobile. And the Construction Set is a must-try, believe me.

What’s funny about Construction Set?

The Construction Set will first simulate the unboxing process of any typical Lego player. Looking at it, turning it around, holding it back and forth, opening the box, counting the number of each type of color block, then putting them in the tray, you are well prepared to practice!

And you know what, for assembling addicts, just the things I just mentioned is a process that couldn’t be taken lightly. This is when they enjoy the warm-up phase of the fun. They hold each color block in hand, think about what they will do with it, what they can form… Well, they can have a lot of fun before moving on to the second stage.

Color block assembling game for everyone

The second stage is the core of the fun in the assembly game. You see a pattern and some instructions given, you can choose to follow instructions from A-Z or do it all yourself, all is fine.

Little by little, observing the whole process, you do it while logically arranging the order before and after in your head. You will get the feeling of being fulfilled when your imagination can fly with the blocks, and you will be so satisfied when seeing the first finished product. It’s the adrenaline that takes you away from all the worries of the real world outside.

If you choose the easy level, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen, click on the basket with the block type corresponding to the instructions, it will automatically add to the building. Keep doing this until you’ve finished everything.

If you have experience, both in real life and in similar gameplay, then you can choose a slightly more difficult level with fewer instructions. You have to find everything yourself and challenge yourself to a high degree with increasingly complex requirements.

Unprecedented richness

There are dozens of kits and more than 200 kinds of small parts scattered in these sets. Each set has its own theme: Statue of Liberty, Medieval Castle, Ancient Rome, Spaceship… With such a huge amount, you will be able to assemble countless things: human figures, animals, complex vehicles, houses, castles, tall buildings, or a vast kingdom.

You do not need to play each set separately, you can completely mix them together and create great, different works. But in the early stages, you may need to separate them first then gradually put them back together. After getting used to it, you can mix them to challenge yourself.

If you are a first-time modeler, there is no need to worry. Construction Set always gives clear instructions and 3D models so players never get stuck. All you need to do now is just find the right part that is in the instructions and put it in the right place.

When you complete certain models, you will unlock Gold Packs. They contain many strange and unique details used to make high-class architectural works, requiring complexity and sophistication to perfection. Of course, the normal theme packs available through rounds don’t have the details like in the Gold Pack.

MOD APK version of Construction Set

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Construction Set APK & MOD for Android

Playing Construction Set, you almost no longer have any permanent worries like playing Lego in real life: no fear of losing blocks, no fear of blocks being damaged during use, no need to clean… Now all you have to do is focus on observing, enjoy the assembly process and let your imagination run wild. Lego in the game is virtual, but the fun of creating your own world is real.

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