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NameCommando Adventure Assassin
Package Namecom.spirit.commando.war.action.apps
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemies
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Commando Adventure Assassin MOD APK is an Offline FPS shooting game especially suitable for those who love commando games. Although it can’t be compared to the popular super-heavy online shooting games, it has a lot of things to be praised. It is easy to play, easy to understand, easy to manipulate. It has classic gameplay and beautiful 3D scenes, fast and smooth speed, and many unexpected developments. Is there any other reason not to try Commando Adventure Assassin?

Introduce about Commando Adventure Assassin

Offline shooting with 1001 unexpected phases

Great Offline Game

Offline games sometimes may be underrated. Because it is often true that they are not very good, so seeing the word “offline” labeled on the game title, players may not be interested in it. However, this time it changed my mind.

Commando Adventure Assassin for Android

I went through Google Play to see if there were any good games offline or not. So that whenever I hear my boss curse, there is a place to relieve my mood. Then accidentally, I found an FPS shooting game. Once I’ve decided that I can play it offline, I downloaded it quickly. As expected, the game was so great for me. So, after two days of diligently holding the gun, I must give you some review so that you can download and play it right away.


Commando Adventure Assassin will give you the leadership of a commando force, participating in a series of military combat campaigns. Because of great patriotism, you are ready to do anything, destroy all enemies, be present in every battle to serve the nation, and eliminate all seeds of rebellion.


The gameplay is also quite simple. The top left corner of the screen is a map to observe the situation. Below is the array of weapons you have, and you can quickly switch back and forth whenever needed. The right row is the buttons to manipulate combat skills such as walking, running, and jumping. Navigation will be directly done by touching the screen.

When you kill enemies, you will accumulate gold coins and expand the range of your weapons. In addition to unlocking new weapons, Commando Adventure Assassin also has a lot of upgrade aspects for weapons such as gun sights, knife damage, and grenade coverage… Not only opening new weapons and new equipment, but commandos also have more useful items such as medikits.

Many hidden surprises

Not a cult blockbuster, nor a superior shooting game like other online games. But Commando Adventure Assassin always brings small surprises, making the game never boring. And I, when faced with such moments, to be honest, really appreciate the producer.

Let me tell you a surprise like picking up an easter egg. When I was fighting all the time, suddenly a special gift notice appeared, and then suddenly there was a giant bullet that didn’t even need to be aimed and flew to the enemy in front of me. And accompanied by a great slow-motion phase. It was, you know, so amazing to me.

Commando Adventure Assassin MOD by APKMODY

You should note that there are three things that make us sometimes fall into a situation where we can’t keep up. One is to aim before shooting. The second is to constantly reload ammo. The third is limited ammunition. Enemies can appear from anywhere, with increasing numbers through each mission. They are marked with red circles, with the health indicator being a long red bar right above their heads. Your task is as soon as you spot these constantly moving red circles, choose who to shoot first.

Then proceed to look through the viewfinder to aim at the right target and touch the trigger button. Replace the ammo and then continue to shoot another enemy. Thinking in a flash of which direction to attack first or which direction to attack later, is enough to make it difficult for players. Especially when the battlefield is more and more crowded with enemies and later on, they have many other special abilities besides normal short shots.

Graphics and sound

The first-person shooting phases are quite smooth. The character moves flexibly, running and jumping are also smooth. The physics simulation, of going through rough spots or going up and downstairs and then jumping down from an overhead cabin, is not too sharp but is enough to depict the complexity of the battlefield context.

Commando Adventure Assassin screenshot

Graphics are good, actually very good for an offline shooter on mobile. 3D space is designed quite well. Explosion effects, slow motion segments, and shooting phases where you hit right on the enemy are very eye-catching. Because they also come with crunchy, noisy, and detailed sounds depicting the fierceness of each battle.

In general, it is great great great guys. Playing offline, don’t be afraid of the internet bouncing up and down.

MOD APK version of Commando Adventure Assassin

MOD feature

Dumb Enemies

Download Commando Adventure Assassin MOD APK for Android

The best offline FPS shooter of the year! If you are afraid of the flickering internet or want to play a game anywhere you want, here, download Commando Adventure Assassin immediately!

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