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After every safe journey, we need to thank the drivers. They are silent people who are responsible for the safe journeys of thousands of passengers every day. If you want to experience the work of a bus driver, Coach Bus Simulator (MOD Unlimited Money) may be what you are looking for.

The simulation game of Ovidiu Pop is extremely popular on Google Play with over 10 million downloads. In fact, buses are very popular in many countries. It helps us move easily in big cities. On rainy days, buses are a great choice if you do not want to drive. Bus is also a miniature social model. It helps us meet many people, listen to their stories and have a new view on life.

Table of contents
  1. Graphics
  2. Become a bus driver
  3. Control
  4. Customize the bus
  5. Overview
  6. Download Coach Bus Simulator MOD APK for Android (Latest version)


Graphics are my first impression of Coach Bus Simulator. The environment in the game is designed with realistic and sharp 3D graphics. It’s like any city you’ve ever visited. The scenery outside the window is gorgeous. You will experience a free tour of Europe. Not only visiting big cities such as Paris, London, Rome, … you also have the opportunity to see the peaceful countryside with many hills and farms.

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Besides, the day-night cycle and the weather effect make your experience more realistic. Experience a night trip under the stars and the light of the big cities. The driving mechanism is also very similar to reality. Many passengers are waiting for you at the bus stop. When you open the door, they will naturally step forward and sit in the vacant positions on the vehicle.

Become a bus driver

This game has gameplay not different from Bus Simulator: Ultimate, although its name refers to a coach. Your task is driving the bus carrying passengers to the bus stop safely and on time. In fact, buses often run around on a certain route. After returning to the end, it returns to the first point. But this game has changed your route.

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You can choose destinations and drive through the major European cities. The price for each trip is not cheap, about several tens of thousands of dollars. Unlike racing games like Asphalt 8 MOD, this game does not require you to go fast and beat the other buses. Taking passengers to a safe stop doesn’t mean you need to go too fast. You are responsible for the safety of all passengers. Drive carefully at the speed allowed.


Coach Bus Simulator allows you to choose one of many different control types. Includes virtual steering wheel, arrow keys, tilting device and real driving mode. I chose the virtual steering wheel mode because it felt like driving a bus in reality. Besides, on your screen includes many other keys that simulate car horns, turn signals, headlights, gas, brake, …

Some indicators you need to consider when being a driver such as speed, fuel, and passenger satisfaction. The game provides you with a map on the side of the steering wheel, which helps you know the turn ahead.

Customize the bus

Of course. In Coach Bus Simulator, you cannot buy supercars like other games. The game provides you with many bus models with an interior similar to real-life car manufacturers. You can unlock the car, draw anything on your car. Not only a good driver, but you can also show your painting talent in this extremely interesting driving simulation game.

Coach Bus Simulator gameplay 1024x640

When you use our Coach Bus Simulator (MOD Unlimited Money), you can buy any buses you want. No more worrying about money!


It can be said that Coach Bus Simulator is like a coach, a teacher who teaches you the techniques of a bus driver. Each journey gives you many lessons on how to react when driving, the direction of other vehicles and traffic laws. The experience of the game is very realistic. Not everyone has the opportunity and ability to become a bus driver. But with this game, you absolutely can realize your dreams.

Download Coach Bus Simulator MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

Coach Bus Simulator for Android v1.7.0 APKMODMoney
Coach Bus Simulator for Android v1.7.0 APK

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