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NameClan N
Package Namecreamative.clann.v1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Clan N MOD APK is a game that includes many factors (you should read carefully because it’s very long): action – animation – epic – fighting on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Players play as one of the four great Ninja of the darkest period of the ancient Far East. From there started to explore their own abilities, looking for the remaining Ninja elements to accompany and fight together against evil enemies. This game is fast, both ancient and modern. I feel it is very good. Well, you can play alone or online co-op with up to three friends for fun.

Clan N: Good and Evil from the Far East

An action game with a good storyline

The game revolves around the main theme, the battle between Good and Evil. And like the Angels – Demons legend often found in these types of epic legendary games, you know that Demons, before becoming demons, was also an angel.

Clan N about Akuji, a samurai in Clan N. Akuji made some exploration fun for fun. But he suddenly realized that this world was just normal only outside, but within the three factors Peace, Knowledge, and Time that make up the whole realm are always boiling internal contradictions. That means one day this world will go to destruction when one of the three factors above cannot be harmoniously connected.

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Thinking about that, Akuji began to practice the dark technique to draw heaven and earth’s aura. Akuji finally came to an end that everyone knew what it was: beastliness arose, endless greed, and became a monster. Then he was found out, expelled (Ninja has Ninja’s rules). Greed + magic + hatred + knowledge, this guy wants all the things in the world everyone wants, they all join together and form a hurricane, killing all the happily Clan N in the past, only 4 people survived (four of your characters). Well, before he set up a new base, he didn’t forget to kill and then suck up the aura of some unlucky Ninja who used to be friends. So now he is terribly strong, strong enough to cover the whole gloomy atmosphere for the whole world.

Fortunately, four lucky Ninjas survive and find each other again, using each other’s strength, constantly improving their skills, and honing true Ninja magic to one day defeat the famous last boss Akuji.

Behind Clan N is a big ideal that makes every epic heart sobbing

When reading each character description to choose from, you will be led into the storyline’s different pieces. Old quarrels, family feud, Akuji’s evil path, and what the four main characters had together … It all will gradually unfold. To ultimately lead to the sole goal of explaining the dynamics of survival and fighting of the four heroes. The four of them all agreed and worked together against their common enemy, Akuji. Because as the monk Tarou said, “now we are not only swinging our swords for each other, but we are swinging our swords to save the world.”

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With the four Ninja, besides destroying the evil enemy, there is a bigger task, which through eliminating the original evil they will achieve, that is, to return the original balance and calmness for the world. Return the balance to the spiritual strength that Akuji had drained for many years.

For gamers of the role-playing epic action game, the reason why they fight the game is the much higher ideal – much higher than finding and destroying the enemy, something like saving the world. Clan N has passed fire to the generation of epic game lovers a huge and great message, worth downloading and playing every day without getting tired.

The world is mysterious, people are full of magic

First, unrelated, I want to go back and talk about the title of the game. Naming the game is an art, you know. Set so that it is attractive and easy to remember, and easy to type. Clan N can do it all. I usually don’t care about such small impressions. But after I read the name, then listen to the name’s explanation, I was really impressed and fascinated by the game.

Clan N MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Clan N is an ancient group of samurai in the Far East. It’s like a club now. Everyone who enters has the oath to protect the kingdom and preserve the balance of the world. After a few events like the above, the club shrank to 4 people, also our four main characters:

The identities of the four main characters include:

  • Akira, Ninja wields swords with the ability to shoot lightning.
  • Reina, the Scepter Specialist. She can control the ground causing earthquakes of many levels.
  • Daiki, use dual swords. You can create a series of big and small tsunamis.
  • Tarou monk has the ability to summon Dragons.

An attractive character line is always the first attraction of every epic game. And Clan N did so well. The questioning method is attractive and in-depth. The characters are diverse, beautiful, and multi-talented. But that is not enough for me to press the down game button.

The world is beautiful and full of “technology”.

I want to talk about the gameplay and expression of Clan N. The game currently has 7 different levels, including 50 extras, no count of enemies, and small challenges along the way. That’s exactly what epic mobile game addicts have always wanted. The more plug-ins and details that lead, the more expensive the game is.

Although it is a role-playing game, a specific classics genre, the fast-paced fighting style, dangerous attacks, and very modern as future games, samurai costumes are extremely eye-catching. These two plus points make Clan N wear a new wine-old vase which is very attractive and easy to “get drunk”.

I see another rather subtle point is the graphics. The pixel art of Clan N is quite detailed and insightful. There are too many small details in each frame, but each one is clear and has a certain depth. Not to mention that the surrounding atmosphere is full of war, blackness is suffocating, but still cannot forget to blow the soul of the old Far East.

MOD APK version of Clan N

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.

Download Clan N MOD APK for Android

No more gossip, anyone who loves epic fighting, please download the original APK file or MOD version of Clan N here.

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