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NameCitampi Stories
Package Namecom.ikanasinproduction.cintadicitampi
PublisherIkan Asin Production
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RequiresAndroid 4.4W

Those who like life simulation games should try Citampi Stories APK, an extremely deep story pixel simulation game with many branches and full of contemplation. Play to see if you have lived a life worth living?

Introduce about Citampi Stories

Leading a meaningful life because you only live once


A familiar SIM game always begins with a way of pushing the main character to a certain torn situation right away. Unlike that, in Citampi Stories, you will play a guy in a special situation. Your parents were in debt and planning to ask you to marry an ugly daughter from a rich family to help them get out of it. Being a boy with a will and desire, you would never accept this blatantly arranged marriage. But loving your parents and determining to find a way out for your family, you decided to temporarily move to Citampi town to find a job, work hard and repay your parents’ debt. That was the original plan.

Citampi Stories

In this city, you are helped by many people from the policeman to the innkeeper, the restaurant owner… With a good heart, being eager to learn and not afraid of difficulties, you get along well with many people in a strange city. Get jobs, help people out, do cute tasks, have casual conversations, and build interesting relationships with Bro Seno, Alex, Cleric Didi, Arpat, Elder Sen, Madam Lela… Each person who appears brings a predestined relationship, an attentive story and new opportunities.

Then life brings to you seven beautiful girls and one of them will be your partner. The choice of coming to Citampi was the right decision. You can pay off the debt for your parents, become rich, have a lot of life experience, have a free and independent life, and achieve certain successes. Moreover, you can also find the girl of your dream, fall in love, get married and build a small happy family.

Life is too short to do so many things

Well, there’s so much to do! I’m sure you guys will think so. But don’t let that thought discourage you. Go ahead and play Citampi Stories.

It is true that we will have a lot to do. The main character himself is also a love-working type. He can do anything as long as it makes money or has more opportunities to make money. So, playing this game, you will get all kinds of odd jobs: picking up trash, growing fruits and vegetables, catching fish, praying, walking the dog…

Citampi Stories for Android

But thanks to that, the experience when playing Citampi Stories is extremely rich. You will never run out of things to do.

Through meeting, chatting, accepting jobs from people around, you will hear lots of stories and understand how colorful life here is. Citampi Stories is not only a game but also interesting discoveries about life. Contemplating when you drop yourself into the pieces of life, you will see that just being born healthy is a great happiness. That means that you have been given the opportunity to try everything in life if you really want to.

Short life, long happiness

After all the difficulties of a young man’s life, there will come a time when you think about having a family, a small happiness for yourself. The wedding between you and the girl of your choice will eventually happens after a string of happy dates. However, getting married is not the ending of this game. Unlike fairy tales where princesses and princes get married and lived happily forever, this game is much more realistic.

In order to ensure the quality of family life and the happiness of your loved ones, you will continue to work tirelessly to improve yourself. You will even don’t hesitate to do all the challenging work in the family such as open home shop for your wife, deliver fish and vegetables while she is pregnant, by her side whenever she is sad and worried, buy beautiful clothes for her and take care of all electricity, water bills, bank bills. Your life is different from when you’re still single, but the string of happy days make you completely love it without complaining.

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Then your wife gives birth to a child. The two of you together take care, nurture, and instruct your child, do everything possible for the baby according to each developmental age. Follow your child from the first years of life until they grow into a mature, healthy, and active child. As you watch this kid play happily around you, you hold your wife’s hand and think on your mind “I’ve lived a life worth living.”

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Life simulating game of pixel graphics is extremely attentive in terms of images, sounds and plot. The way the game takes you into a person’s life to see the ups and downs in it will make you unconsciously look back on your life and contemplate many valuable things. Play now, everyone.

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