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NameChoices: Stories You Play
Package Namecom.pixelberrystudios.choices
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Choices Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) is a simulation game of the publisher Pixelberry. One choice can change everything! With countless stories and many situations to choose from. Just like that, it was interesting, wasn’t it? Let’s find out this game with me!

About Choices: Stories You Play

When I was a boy, my mother told me fairy tales like Aladin and the Magic Lamp, 1001 nights, Achilles Heel, Beauty and the Beast… Now, I can write my own interesting stories in Choices: Stories You Play.

Customize your character

Like other simulation games like The Sim Mobile, Youtubers Life… When you first join the game you will have to customize the character to participate in the story, situations in this game. However, the selection will be limited, you cannot create characters completely as you like, just choose one of the available suggestions. But do not, therefore, ignore this extremely attractive game, by the fascinating story, interesting situations waiting for you to discover.

Discover stories

Choices: Stories You Play owns a lot of different interesting stories and will be updated weekly. The stories are divided into different genres such as magic, love, horror, reality, fantasy… even the adult genre (it sounds interesting right?). And the important thing is that you can choose any story you want without completing it in order. The stories will make you feel curious and want to find out what can happen when you change your options.

Some stories stand out

  • The FreshMan: you’re studying at Hartfeld University. In this story, you made friends with a lot of guys or girls like James, Kaitlyn – party girl, Chris – football hero… and you’ll date one of them or many people at the same time? Discover it yourself! Especially, you can wear costumes for your characters when attending parties or proms.
  • The crown & the flame: In this story, your kingdom has been captured by the enemy, you are nurturing an army to reclaim your crown. Start rebelling and regain the kingdom that belongs to you.
  • Matfect match: You sign up for Eros Incorporated’s high-tech matchmaking service and master the dates. Create your own face to meet the love match in this thrilling mystery story.

Some limitations

The game has some stories with adult content (18+), horror, social evils… so you need to consider carefully before playing. The game requires you to be at least 18 years old.

Some choices may lose diamonds in the game and they are very hard to find sometimes you have to use real money. Because the number of diamonds is limited, you may not choose the choice you want.

In addition to the storyline, the game’s graphics are nothing outstanding.

MOD APK version of Choices: Stories You Play

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices
  • VIP

Download Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK for Android

For me, Choices: Stories You Play is the best storytelling game for mobile. Each story is an adventure where you are the main character. Fairy tales, love stories, horror stories, sad stories, stories with a happy ending… you can absolutely decide by making the right choice. If you love stories, write your own story in this game.

Review & Discussion

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  • pcute0025 avatar
    Lucy Heartfilia

    Unlimited diamonds and keys please

  • ashleyford584 avatar
    Ashley Ford

    The premium choice is okay but can you unlock the dress and hair? And also the VIP so we can read it for free😌 but thank you for this!

  • mindlesschic94 avatar
    Poggers In the Chat

    Pls update to 2.8.6

  • nosoysoffies avatar
    nosoy soffies

    Hey, thanks for this mod!! I’d like to have VIP or free passes too if possible

  • ctacderas avatar

    Can you please update to the lastest version?

  • salma-mohey avatar
    Salma Mohey

    Will be a VIP version soon?

  • whatsupleanne avatar
    Mickey Mouse

    I cant log into my email, helpppp!

  • rkh-khr avatar
    zack chan

    Wow, it worked, I tried other mod apps but they were not installing, I guess bcoz of miui optimisation, thanks for the miui warning in apkmody app

  • andylyon0107 avatar
    Aoyama Sora

    Hi pls fix the keys into unlimited. Thank you so so much devs 💖

  • toteljapin450 avatar
    Totel Japin

    Hi. Please mod with VIP.
    Many Thanks for your help.

  • kaitlyndrawdy4 avatar
    Kaitlyn Drawdy

    Please update the mod ♥️<3

    • lytbrte avatar
      Alexis Hinton

      Can you update the mod to include unlimited keys please?

  • himechaaan01 avatar
    Hime Chan

    Hope you can continue and keep update Choices! Love this game and your website so much💓

  • aashia1904 avatar
    Â K

    Plzz update the version to 2.6.6

  • wcentaurmyth avatar

    There is a new version 2.6.6 that is being released that was supposed to fix all of the bugs that was being caused from 2.6.5 which was released earlier this week. Hopefully you are able to update the new version.

    • lucasocchilupo avatar
      Captain Rex


  • nejoodjobory avatar
    Nejood Jo125

    Update it please….. ?

  • killuax4x avatar
    killua zoldyck

    6 days and still waiting please update thank you.

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      I see the game is 2.6.4, the same with Google Play version.

  • nejoodjobory avatar
    Nejood Jo125

    update it for the latest version… please?

  • ariftasfia112 avatar
    Tasfia Arif

    Hey please help me out. So I’ve downloaded this mod but after playing for a few weeks, it’s asking for an update now. And I can’t access it anymore. What do I do now? Please help

    • nejoodjobory avatar
      Nejood Jo125

      me too…I don’t what to do.. ??

    • killuax4x avatar
      killua zoldyck

      same here ????

  • catzvd00 avatar
    Cat Jane

    This is really great!! But now there’s a new update in the game, I’m afraid I’ll lose all my progress… what do I do?? :(

  • gabbyskinner69 avatar
    Gabby Skinner

    Hope you can find a way to get a key mod as well in the next update ?? otherwise love this app ❤

  • mihaellamika1996 avatar
    MihaElla Mika

    I really like the Choices MOD, is awesome, but I want to ask why I can’t log in with my FB account? I hope you’ll find a way to solve this problem…

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      Uninstall the Facebook App.

  • curtischase1234 avatar

    Update the game

  • ryuji35 avatar
    R Sant

    Hope you continue to update this. I am an instant fan of this website because you have the Choices MOD!! Keep this updated always PLEASE ♡♡♡

  • seokjinunch avatar
    Seokjin Unch

    I hope there is a mod for the key too hehe ✨ I love this mod game ?

    • andrearenatasavitri avatar
      andrea renata

      Oh my god i love this!!! Please add the unlimited key i hope ?

  • beandal avatar
    Be Andal

    Any chance for an update with free keys? You can get diamonds from ads but a key takes more than 3 hours to get.

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