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Chess Rush APK is a top-notch strategy game just released from Tencent. This is a huge Chinese game publisher, and they own WeChat social network with more than 1 billion users. After the resounding success of PUBG Mobile, they continued to release a new game. After the success of Dota Auto Chess, we witnessed the competition of mobile versions of this game. Dota Underlords of Valve, Team Tactics of Riot Games. Now, Tencent has got the answer.

Auto Chess has tactical from MOBA game heroes. The game uses the champions in moba to join the chessboard and play against 7 other players. This is really an extremely new and attractive strategy game. Each champion like a chess piece that moves automatically when the battle begins. So how is this game that attracts so many players? Let’s find out briefly about this game.

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Fair and fast match

Chess Rush provides players with mind games that are stressful and fair. Currently, online games tend to “Pay to win” are quite popular. VIP players will be able to be stronger than normal players by VIP items, and that will make fairness unsecured. But this game says “no” to that.

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A top-notch strategy game

The fairness of the match will be absolutely guaranteed. The only thing helps you win is using smart and logical tactics. Your main task is to build an army to fight other players and win the championship.


The rules of Chess Rush are also extremely simple and easy to understand. Each moba hero will be a chess piece with skills that have been balanced by the publisher. You must hire those generals and form a team to fight other players. The game will give you a small amount of time to prepare and arrange your pieces. After that, you will be teleported to another player’s chessboard and engaged in battle. If you fight, you will get more money and your opponent will lose HP. When the player’s life is no longer available, that player will be disqualified. And of course, the last survivor will be the winner.

Note, you can upgrade the champions in your own tactics. If you buy 3 similar champions, that champion will be upgraded and become stronger than ever. For example, I have three 1 star champions, It will pair into a 2-star champion. 3 stars are the maximum. Fighting with monsters will drop items, you can equip it to any champions you want.

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Upgrade your favourite champions

Global server

When playing Chess Rush, you can match up with players from other countries. And so, the battle not only happens in any one country, you will compete with all players in the world. This greatly stimulates competition between players and, of course, the ranking system is the place for all players around the world. The trophy of all players in the world will be gathered here.

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Global server


Compared to other games, Chess Rush has impressive graphics. With extremely modern graphics technology, Tencent has created a game with extremely beautiful graphics and attracts millions of players. Not only capturing the prevailing gameplay, but Tencent also pays great attention to its graphics. The champions and skills are meticulously designed and carefully, you are absolutely irresistible. With extremely high-end 3D graphics, it will definitely bring you a great experience like never before.

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Stunning 3D graphics

Download Chess Rush APK for Android

Chess Rush is a great game from the publisher Tencent. Only after 1 day of launch, the game has more than 1 million downloads and is highly appreciated in the gaming community. It’s time to play a tactical game and say goodbye to the “Paid to win” games. You can download the game via the link below to join this top-notch game. In particular, the publisher brings attractive gifts for new players, don’t miss it!

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