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NameCatalyst Black
Package Namecom.superevilmegacorp.spellfire
PublisherSuper Evil Megacorp
MOD FeaturesNo
Version0.23.1 (149928)
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Catalyst Black, the new generation MOBA shooting game of Super Evil Megacorp, is now officially released for Android phones. You can download the APK and OBB files of this game here.

Introduce about Catalyst Black

If you are a fan of the MOBA genre, you must have heard of Vainglory, one of the great mobile MOBA products. This game used to be a lot of success, with the number of players reaching 45 million. However, it is slowly being faded by the launch of the Wild Rift. This year, Super Evil Megacorp has returned with the ambition to regain its place in the market. Their new project called Catalyst Black was officially released on Google Play and App Store. Let find out some information about this game.


Catalyst Black is a 10v10 battle royale shooting game, with gameplay combined with the mechanics of a MOBA game. You control your character with the on-screen Joystick keys, fight and complete your goal, depending on which mode you choose. The publisher says that they support you to play both with the mouse and the keyboard. About the details of each mode, I will mention below.

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As you can imagine, the battles of Catalyst Black are like a MOBA match, and the two teams use only ADCs. You control the character through a top-down perspective. Each player can use two primary and heavy weapons. The heavy gun is like a skill, it deals more damage, but needs cool down time and accumulation of power to use.

You can transform into a giant beast in seconds, greatly increased in health and damage (like Gnar League of Legends). If you run out of health or you deactivate, you will revert back to human form. However, when in monster form, you can only attack enemies with close-range hand attacks, while your enemies use long-range guns. If you are not in a convenient position, you can easily become a target to catch bullets and be kite to death. There is a trick you should know, you cannot die in monster form. If you run out of blood, you will return to human form. So, when you are almost dead, you can use this skill to almost outplay the enemy and make your enemy feel surprised. Choose a monster’s shape and skill by changing your Mask.

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Take advantage of the bushes to give advantage to you and your teammates. Because the enemy can’t see you when you’re hiding in the bushes, you can easily gank and lure them into traps.

Various modes for you to compete with your friends

Capture the Flag: This is the mode that has most played in Catalyst Black. In this mode, you and your teammates need to capture the flag in the opponent’s base and bring it back to your base. The distance is very far, and your opponent respawns immediately after 3 seconds. These matches can last up to 40 minutes if all players are experienced and skilled. In general, you need to have a good strategy and team up with 9 teammates if you want to win. The player with the fastest speed should be the one holding the flag back to the base, while the rest of the players are responsible for protecting him.

Catalyst Black LOADOUT feature

Flag Hunter: Your team must defeat monsters anywhere on the map, then protect flags from enemies for 30 to 75 seconds to score. This mode is quite similar to Capture the Flag, except that the flag is not on the opponent’s base, but anywhere on the map. The hot spots on the map are where constant fighting takes place because you need to be there to defend the flag instead of bringing it back to your base camp.

Core Rush: Kill the Keepers, then collect their cores to score.

Currently, Catalyst Black does not have a rating system. But the extremely fierce matches are enough for you to immerse yourself in the game. Each game mode has its own tutorial, you need to complete it before starting a real game.

Equipment upgrades help characters become stronger

Access to the Loadout, where you can adjust the appearance, change and upgrade equipment for the character. Currently, Catalyst Black has about 10 characters, however, the character only helps to change your image in the game, but it does not affect your skills much. Your skills and strength are based on the equipment you use for the character.

Catalyst Black for Android


Dust and Quints are the two main currencies of Catalyst Black. They help you buy equipment, upgrade weapons, and unlock Runes.

New generation 3D graphics

Catalyst Black is built on the exclusive graphics technology of Super Evil Megacorp. It offers great performance, stunning images and colors. The visuals and skill effects are also incredibly smooth, with almost no lag in the image. You are immersed in the match in beautiful 3D environment. Objects such as bushes, rocks, waterfalls, characters, clouds, and steam are all designed in detail. This proves that the publisher Super Evil Megacorp has been extremely dedicated to their brainchild.

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Although the official version of Catalyst Black was released not long ago, the game quickly reached 10 million downloads. This shows the great attraction of Super Evil Megacorp’s latest project. They worked extremely hard and dedicated to this project. Currently, the game has not completed some features such as ranking system, modes, and equipment. The map is also not too diverse, there are only two maps that you can play. Hopefully, the game will soon gain a lot of success in the future.

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