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NameCat War2
Package Namecom.westriversw.CatWar2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

The battle between the dog and cat kingdom is intense! Download the MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) of Cat War2 to buy cat heroes and upgrade for free.

Introduce about Cat War2


Before human civilization appeared, dogs and cats were civilized animals, living together in peace. But then, that peace did not last forever. Dogs have always shown themselves to be superiors, so they oppress and dominate the cat kingdom. The kittens are missing. This event causes the leader of the cat kingdom to make a plan to combat dog brutality.

Meanwhile, the dog kingdom opened fire first, attacking the cat kingdom. You are a leader of cat army, you must do everything you can to win this great war.


Cat War2 is a game of strategy and tower defense. Here, you will have to form up the formation and bring out the army units to attack the castle of the dogs. Until their castle is broken, you win. More specifically, when a battle begins, you have a castle to protect, with a few farmer cats. The peasant cats are responsible for fishing and bringing fish to the castle. These fish are the main currency, helping you to summon more troops.

Cat War2 MOD APK gameplay

At the bottom of the screen, there are the available military units. Each type needs a quantity of fish to summon, you can get Karos with 20 fish, Robin with 25 fish or Gladius with 30 fish. All of these elements make for a real strategy game. You must calculate between the summon more troops and buy farmer cats to get more fish.

In general, your starting point and the dogs are the same. They also have to work hard to get soldiers. However, they have an added advantage, the guard tower is placed at the intersection between the two castles. You will have to destroy their guard tower if you don’t want to lose many units here.


There are 9 units in Cat War2. The three categories that I mentioned earlier are: Robin, Karos and Gladius. They are available from the very beginning, and you just need to accumulate fish to use them on the battlefield. There are 6 other types including Falcon, Longinus, Tempest, Valkyrie Hera, Thanatos, they will be unlocked when you pass rounds 11, 16 and 36 in the future.

In general, each unit in the game has different advantages and disadvantages. Some are characterized by their ability to move quickly, others can attack from afar, while others are slower, but have strong combat power. You need to find all their characteristics, including weaknesses, strengths and how units attack to win the war.

In addition, military units can be upgraded, giving them more health and strength. The maximum level up is level 20, and you will pay with diamonds.

Cat heroes

Besides military units, Cat War2 also adds heroes. They act as the leader of the entire army and you can only bring one hero to the battlefield. But in return, the hero has strength and health surpassing hundreds of times the normal soldiers. So, if you know how to use a hero at the right time, you have a chance to turn the tide, knock off all enemies quickly.

Cat War2 Download for Android

There are 10 heroes in total. Each of them has a special skill. For example, Gundfried (Guardian of War), is a giant bear, with an iron club and a giant shield. He can increase defences for all troops for a long period of time.

Arthur (Brilliant Leader) is different. He wields the sword of fire, and every time he attacks with a special skill, every enemy in the affected area will be burned to dust.

To own the heroes, you do not need to go through the required stages. You just need to accumulate 1000 – 3000 diamonds to buy them. Of course, you can also upgrade them to make them even stronger.

MOD APK version of Cat War2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.

Download Cat War2 MOD APK for Android

Cat War2 is a tower defense game with unique content, revolving around the fight between dogs and cats. Disagreements happened but were not resolved, so war is what must happen. Can you end this war, with help the cat kingdom win the war? Download the game to experience and find the answer!

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