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NameCat Simulator
Package Namecom.swiftapps.catsimulator2015pro
PublisherSwift Apps LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Cat Simulator MOD APK is a cute, vivid, and colorful role-playing simulation game. In the game, you are a true cat, discovering everything around you with clear and curious eyes.

Cat Simulator: Live and enjoy the world like a cat

The idea is not new, but not easy to do

Have you ever seen the famous series Animorphs? In it, thanks to a certain mysterious technique, each character can transform into an animal they want depending on any situation and requirements. Once in animal guise, all senses become different with the animal’s eyes, nose size, … The familiar around you suddenly becomes strange, full of drama and hasmany things to explore.

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With the same idea, but in a much simpler way, without the complicated details like a longer series, we already have quite a few simulation games. And Cat Simulator is one of those games that are highly appreciated on the mobile platform, due to its authenticity and reasonableness.

The beginning of the game is light and extremely natural

You play the role of a literal cat. Seeing life, acting, and feeling everything through a cat’s physique and eyes really gives a better experience than you might think.

First, we can choose the shape for ourselves: cat type, size, fur color, tail length, eye color, face … Only need to touch the screen of choice for a cat that best suits our needs, it is quite interesting. After you have a cat, don’t forget to give it a beautiful name.

After that, the first scene is the lovely roof where you wake up from a nap. Everything in the house is very peaceful, the mistress is both cooking and singing while the boss is sitting there playing games, the little boy is playing in the yard and his older sister is on her way home from school. You start to explore everything around you. Let’s just take a leisurely walk. When you see the left corner of the screen indicating the time to eat, you need to find the food bowl if you are hungry. After finishing eating, you will need to do many other things like jumping back and forth around the house, playing around the mistress’s feet to receive her caress, then rushing into the yard to play with other pets of the same house or other cats in the game.

Oh, forget, this little simulation game has Multiplayer mode. You can play together or compete in something interesting in the game with other players. Playing alone is also boring, you can try this new game mode.

Gameplay and manipulation are very simple

You can do anything with your cat easily and slowly. There is an emulator controller right on the main screen. Specifically, you use the left button to move back and forth, the jump button is on the right. You need to swipe back and forth on the screen to look around. If you like, there is also a special button to help you smash objects with the power of a kitten.

Cat Simulator MOD APK download 1440x810

Over time, by enjoying your cat’s everyday life and discovering as much as possible around you, you will get spectacular cat upgrades. There are some of the most monstrous cat species on earth, such as the hairless sphynx cat that looks like an Egyptian sphinx, or a striped cat that looks like a “miniature mountain lord”, I mean, a little tiger. You also have upgrades in clothing and accessories: hats, glasses, gloves, necklaces, shoes … The more equipment you have, the more confident and classier you are, whether you are playing alone or with friends.

The world of the cat, over time, also becomes larger, worth exploring all day long. It’s no longer in the house, in the garden, but in the neighbor’s house, swimming pool, street …

And do you know what particularly fascinating is?

You are not just a good cat but also a professional spoiler with your naughty games such as breaking things in the house, rushing into the street when the owner is screaming behind your back, causing trouble in the supermarket, spilling a ton of food while running around in a nearby restaurant … You can do whatever you want because you are now a cat!

Graphics and sound

3D graphics are vital to this game. The main character, the cat, is vividly embellished, harmonious and cute, like real. Object details also have good logical proportions, nice colors, and accurately simulate close-up lines. 11 different spaces in the game do a good job of describing the world through a cat’s eyes with a lot of objects, niches, and colors intertwined. Our cats have truly enjoyed the real world.

Cat Simulator MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

There is not much outstanding background music in the game. The game mainly emphasizes sound effects, different sounds of objects falling and the squeal of different cats, the grumble of the mistress… All appear vividly.

MOD APK version of Cat Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Cat Simulator MOD APK for Android

Life is full of complications. Sometimes doing crazy things in the simplest way, like turning into a cat is a very funny thing. Let’s enjoy the world through cat eyes!

Download Cat Simulator to play right here.

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