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NameCasting Away
Package Namecom.nexelon.castingaway
PublisherNexelon inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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You are looking for a relaxing fishing game but don’t want to play the classic one where you must carry the rod here and there, choose the bait, fish, upgrade the fishing rod, and do other boring things. You want to experience something deeper, more dramatic, and more humorous. Let’s try Casting Away, you will definitely be satisfied.

Introduce about Casting Away

The survival fishing game with a progressive plot and certain situations!

Actually, I kept wondering about one thing until I finished playing this game. Why is the game’s name Casting Away but not Fishing Away? Download the game and please explain it to me.

Undeniably, the combo of the game name + the game poster on the introduction page forced me to stop, think for a bit, and then decide to download it. I found it quite strange, probably because it might contain many humorous elements.

And that’s true. Fishing in Casting Away is not your usual fishing game. Those who like to play fishing have to admit that the fishing games now are quite stereotypical and not very entertaining. But if you want more of a fishing game, then you should play Casting Away.


You are a famous movie star who used to live a flashy, modern, and comfortable life. In a private plane to fly to a resort, the plane was struck by lightning, so you had to reluctantly land on a deserted island with no name on the map.

You were already unconscious. When you woke up, you realized that your surroundings were vast and desolate: no trace of human presence. It is surrounded by a vast space of land, green trees, cool grass, and on four sides is the blue ocean, above is the high blue sky without clouds.

You took a tour around the island only to realize that it was uninhabited. Maybe this island was never known and not yet on the map. The only thing that made you suspicious and quite worried was that you found an altar, strange gems from a few dead fish around. An eerie atmosphere enveloped the small island. Many questions popped up in my mind: “Is this really an ordinary deserted island? Is there a secret hidden here? People have come and disappeared completely without leaving a trace, or is the island not known before?” And the strangest thing was “Why has it never been discovered by anyone?”

But first, to have the strength to slowly learn about it, you have to take care of your hungry stomach first. You find a few small items that can be used to make a rudimentary fishing rod. Although you are an actor who lives in wealth, from a young age you have been taught many life skills by your father, and now is the time to bring them out to apply.

You will catch the first fish and even catch rainwater for a drink. Collect many pieces of wood on the island to make your own small fishing boat. From here, your interesting fishing trip begins.

Craft things yourself and create everything with skillful hands

With practical life skills, you will be able to do many things by yourself to survive on a deserted island. Use wood chips to make fishing boats, collect seashells to catch rainwater. Use materials dropped from the plane and the surrounding natural environment to build a sleeping place. Renovate the accommodation to be more and more solid than just a place to shelter from rain and sun. Life really isn’t so hopeless.

The most challenging activity of the day: fishing

Because this is a survival fishing game, it makes sense. To survive, there must be food. The only and most practical way to get food now is to go fishing. From a small fishing rod near the shore, later you make more powerful fishing rods, more fishing boats to go farther to reach larger prey. You can fish many mysterious, beautiful, even giant-sized fish in turn.

Sometimes you even get some chests floating on the water. In those chests, there will always be something useful for your life on the deserted island.

The longer you play, the more chances you get to craft more special fishing rods. For example, a rod made of gold wire can help fish in deep places, catching fish of huge size. Every time a miracle occurs, you will be stained with excitement.

Lots of activities during the day

In addition to fishing, crafting, you will also do a lot of other activities on the island: grilling fish, cooking food from fish, and various natural ingredients. You can raise beautiful little fish in homemade aquariums… When sad, you can sail the boat out to watch the beautiful sunset over the sea. Dawn is also a memorable moment in Casting Away.

At such times, the game does not forget to insert pleasant sounds. For those who are tired, when they watch the sea, the music plays, their sadness will disappear immediately.

Watch the sea with your companions and live a leisurely life

Then a small dog drifted ashore, as suddenly as you landed on this island. From now on you will have a companion. Life is less lonely and boring.

This game is very similar to Fishing and Life, another game by Nexelon.

MOD APK version of Casting Away

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Casting Away APK & MOD for Android

The game offers quite retro-style 2D graphics and a liberal but equally meticulous and aesthetic design, beautiful music never seen in the fishing games I’ve played. There are many things to explore in the game. Casting Away is fun and super entertaining.

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