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NameCartoon City 2
Package Namecom.foranj.cityship
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Cartoon City 2 MOD APK is the only game that can help you make your dream of building a beautiful cartoon city come true. It is a beautiful game bringing many interesting experiences through countless tasks. Just looking at the graphics is enough to be excited.

Introduce about Cartoon City 2

When I was a child, I watched the movie The Smurfs and was fascinated with the fairy village of the blue elves. I wish I could build a happy city like that with my own hands. When games became more popular, I forgot that there was a time I had such a burning dream. So, I caught up in a series of fighting games, with an endlessly complicated plot. Until one day when I accidentally found Cartoon City 2, the old dream came back. And suddenly, I realized that it’s been a long time since I played a peaceful game. So, I downloaded it right away to try.

Cartoon City 2 is not just the farm game you have known

Cartoon City 2 is a purely entertaining game. The content is simply about building a farm of your own, and then you slowly turn that green land into a small cartoon town. The town is where you and the gentle people will live together in beautiful houses, besides verdant roads, rich rice fields, and chirping birds.

The game has hundreds of different large and small missions. Each offers a fun and colorful experience, making you always busy on the farm every day. Countless opportunities continuously open up and lead you to the desire to expand the farm and develop everything into a prosperous town.

Well, Cartoon City 2 has at least two stages. Stage one is to take care of and develop the farm. Stage two is to slowly turn the farm into a town and then a large prosperous city. That means Cartoon City 2 combines both game forms: farm games and city-building games. So, in just one game, you’ll get two great experiences, each full of challenge and fun. So amazing, right?

Building and developing the farm

At first, you only have a small farm in a modest area with unspoiled land. You will plant, harvest, raise livestock, and collect cow’s milk, eggs, and sheep’s wool for sale by your own strength. You harvest agricultural products to exchange at the nearby commercial markets. You also make products (such as butter, cakes, candies, flours) from agriculture for extra income.

You are also provided with a separate helicopter for delivery to remote places. Compared to other transactions in the region, these orders are particularly large, numerous, and profitable. For each successful transaction, you will gain Gold Coins and Experience Points. Gold coins will be used to buy more land, expand farming, raise more animals with high value, and hire more workers and managers to take care of your farm. The experience points will determine the level of popularity and the ability to develop long-term in the future.

Do you sound familiar? Sure. Exactly this is the farming game that we are so used to on the mobile platform.

Turning farm into town and big city

From the very first small farm, you already have a solid foundation for developing your land. You understand the basic rules of farming and breeding. Also, you know how to earn money more and more by hard work and learning from the people around you. Gradually, your farm expands both in terms of area and scale of agricultural products grown on it.

At this point, you decide to start building factories, expand the barn system, build more warehouses, houses, and special processing function areas… By continuously going up, improving, and developing like that, you will turn the former wildland into a small farming town and then into a small city in the vast country.

Does it sound a bit difficult? But don’t worry too much. Because Cartoon City 2 leads players through many missions. In the end, you will create an agricultural city by yourself without knowing it. Everything is very natural and logical.

To gradually turn the farm scale to the city construction scale, Cartoon City 2 has provided a rich system of infrastructures. Although it is based on a farming game, the works you make have no limits or distances. With enough money and enough experience, you can build anything you want. From roads, railway tracks, houses to processing facilities, specialized factories or zoos, eco-tourism projects near the coast… 

Graphics and sound

Cartoon City 2 is guaranteed to make a special impression on you right from the first time you play. It does not mix many design styles in one nor force itself to follow the trendy 3D direction. Everything in Cartoon City 2 is very simple, harmonious, and lively. All are consistent with the modern cartoon style. It has bright color tones full of life and shaping from detail to overall, making the whole game brilliant. Many times while playing, I wondered whether I was playing a game or watching a cartoon.

The sound is nothing too outstanding, but good support for the missions and actions in the game. You will always be surrounded by a feeling of peace, joy, lightness just like the life of a real modern farmer.

MOD APK version of Cartoon City 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increase when you spend.

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Believe me! To live in that environment is very worthwhile! “Should I give up all the work in the city and go back to my hometown to live healthily?”, I think so, after playing Cartoon City 2. I don’t know how long that dream will come true, or if I dare to make it come true. I just know that after playing Cartoon City 2, my heart is restless. And I always dream of such a peaceful life…

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