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NameCard Thief
Package Namecom.tinytouchtales.cardthief
PublisherArnold Rauers
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Card Thief (MOD Free Shopping) is a strategy card game from publisher Arnold Rauers. This is a new and attractive card game. The publisher of this game has won the best game designer award in Germany in 2017. And by 2018, this game has won the best German mobile game award.

Normally, you play a deck of cards but it is not the gameplay of Card Thief. This game has a completely different gameplay. So what is that gameplay? Why is this game so attractive? Let’s find out with me!

A new card game

Currently, some of the card games that are storming the gaming community are Pokemon TCG Online, Hearthstone of Blizzard Entertainment,… However, they all have a common feature that is playing in the deck. This means that you will arrange your deck to create a strategy and then combine the cards to defeat the opponent. When your opponent’s Life Point reaches zero, your opponent will lose. On the contrary, you lose.

However, Card Thief has a completely different gameplay, but it is still extremely tactical. Your card moves on the table like a sneaky thief. Similar to ancient times, the thief who wants the royal treasure will break into the palace to search. The same goes for your card. Move stealthily, sneak into the darkness, extinguish the torch, pick up the guards’ pockets and steal the treasure. Specifically, you will move your cards cleverly to steal as much money as possible, then exit safely and undetected.

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If you have not figured out how to play yet, do not worry because the game will guide you before starting the game. Make sure that after playing through the tutorial, you can understand the entire rules of this game.


The game has a style of play that requires your patience and intelligence. The palace is where there are many guards, just a little mistake, you may be arrested. However, patience is at the core of the game. Don’t let the treasures blur your eyes. The amount of money in the treasure will increase after each turn, so the more patient you are, the more you will harvest. Not to mention that there will be other cards to help you steal safely. Along with it also requires caution and you must calculate your own escape route.

In addition, you are provided with some upgradable equipment tokens to assist you in stealing the treasure. There are 12 equipment cards and you can use 3 of 12 cards in each level. You can also build your own deck of cards with equipment cards. Not only that, you can compete with other players around the globe to see who is the best thief.

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A card game that does not require excessive graphics. Card Thief has not really nice graphics. However, the game still attracts a large number of players thanks to the new creation of a card game. Therefore, do not judge a game by its appearance. Please rate a game when you have tried and understood it well. I guarantee that this game will not disappoint you at all.

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Card Thief is a perfect choice for who loves card games. Images and gameplay are very new. This is a game that requires intelligence in the way the cards move. Especially if you are a fan of the Stealth game, you should not miss it. Not only that, the publisher is still developing new features with new cards to make players feel more satisfied with their game.

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