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NameCar Simulator OG
Package Namecom.OppanaGames.CarSim
PublisherOppanaGames FZC LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

If you want to practice driving for a driver’s license or want to experience the best European roads, play Car Simulator OG MOD APK. In this game, everything is simulated as real, accurate to every detail.

Introduce about Car Simulator OG

A realistic-like driving simulator!

What is Car Simulator OG?

Car Simulator OG is a driving simulation game from the publisher Oppana Games. Completely different from normal driving or racing games, here you are really driving a car. That means there is nothing automatic. To drive a car, you must operate, activate modes, and drive it on the road literally. Of course, don’t forget to obey traffic laws and stay safe with other vehicles on the road.

Car Simulator OG for Android

You will drive like in real life

Not merely providing what any racing game promises: Authenticity and vibrancy. It’s more than real. You will play as if you were driving a car in real life. The operations are so meticulous. For example, to drive a car, you must open the car, plug the key, start, shift, turn signal before turning, and then roam on the street. While in other games, the car can drive automatically, which somehow reduces the attractive and highly realistic manipulation of driving a car.

In the game, you may sit behind the wheel and touch each small item on the steering wheel, the buttons, the gear lever, brake, and accelerator… Every situation, no matter how simple, all needs your participation to solve. For example, to park the car, you must release the gear, press the turn signal, turn the steering wheel, look at the rearview mirror to monitor the position, then push the lever, then turn off the engine, remove the key, open the door and step out of the car. That is why I told you to play it if you need to practice driving before your license test.

And the attraction is not from those factual details only. Car Simulator OG also attracts players to a series of exciting and difficult experiences on the road. You will enjoy the feeling of roaming the wide streets and passing through many different scenes. Don’t forget to follow the traffic signs on the road and strictly obey the law to ensure absolute safety when driving. Sometimes you may need to overcome slightly dangerous bends or some winding roads. Sometimes you may need to hold the steering wheel firmly to dodge the cars swerving on the road.

Maybe with other driving simulation games, this is just too basic a situation. But in Car Simulator OG, this is something you must be meticulous to complete as we are just normal people, driving normal cars, not street superheroes.

If you don’t want to play alone anymore, you can play in online multiplayer mode. In here, it is quite stressful. You will be no longer as leisurely as when playing alone. You must compete with other players to win and collect bonuses.

A few tips for those playing the game for the first time

I only experienced Car Simulator OG for about an hour. So, if we talk about experience, what I had cannot be compared to those of the guys playing the game every day. But as a newbie, I just want to leave a few notes so that you can save time when you start playing.

In single-player mode, you should drive slowly. There is no competition, and there is no need for speed here. What you need are caution and meticulousness. You must be careful to avoid collisions and damage to the vehicle. Just like in real life, have you ever wanted to drive like crazy on the road so that both yourself and the car could crash?

Also, you should obey traffic laws on the road strictly. Because if you break the law, the traffic police will immediately appear and reward you with a ticket.

Car Simulator OG MOD by APKMODY

Along the way, there will be interactive hints from an NPC or an object. You need to pay attention to these things so you will not miss an important tutorial.

Because the game highly focuses on interactive and realistic elements like driving a car in real life, you need to pay attention to seemingly small but very important details, such as refueling the car when you see the gas station, buying tickets at the transit stations, locking the doors when driving, always turning on the turn signal when starting and before letting the car cross the street or turn. All care and subtlety are for your safety in this game.

The more patient, the more excited

In the game, over time and through driving experience, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your car to different ones with diverse and attractive designs. Usually, you can get a new car in one of three ways: wait for a free car, or buy a discounted car, or save enough money to buy a new car at the showroom. Money can be obtained by completing assigned tasks. These missions are also very diverse, sometimes quite silly but it is ok, this is just a way for you to get bonuses in arcade games.

Car Simulator OG screenshot

Feel free to try everything with each car before officially choosing and driving the new car out. You can also customize the car to your liking. Just choose the necessary components and change until you get your beloved car.

Some people think that this game has a slow tempo. Yes, that’s true. But only the beginning. When you are patient enough to get used to the detailed actions of operating and controlling the car, it will bring many exciting feelings. Be patient, and you will achieve the most realistic experience. That is what a car player deserves.

MOD APK version of Car Simulator OG

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Car Simulator OG MOD APK for Android

It is the first-person viewing driving simulator game that simulates in detail the roots of each driving operation. There are many beautiful maps, rich scenery, interesting interactions, and extremely realistic gameplay. What are you waiting for without driving super beautiful cars in Car Simulator OG right away?

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